Runway Lighting

can any one give me a help how to make runway lights on my lego
what do i need ? and is it applicable or not ?

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  • I guess my first question - being a novice airport geek and general question-asker is: what airport runway lights are you looking to put into place?  Just thinking to my last flight...

    * The tower-mounted rotating white/greenish-bluish rotating beacon? 

    * The approach / start-of-runway white strobe lights?

    * The steady glow of the white runway perimeter lights? (Easy: they're steady glowing if memory serves)

    * The cross-runway alternating amber/yellows? (Can be accomplished with the single-function light effect controller, LEC)

    * The red warning around work zones (the few I saw were independent flashing reds, which could be perhaps done with the red flashing Pico LEDs)

    * Others?

  • Hi  engahmedfouad , thank you for posting your question.  Can I assume you are looking for an effect like this:

    Please let me know.  This effect uses our forthcoming BrickPixel controller, which is able to control up to 30 LEDs.  Each LED needs its own wire connection, and every three LEDs need to connect to a control board.  This can become an issue when  you have a baseplate and no room for wiring in your runway setup.

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  • Rob Klingberg Hmmm... is this magical BrickPixel some sort of enchanted, variable speed LEC that's going to also find itself at home in theatre marquees?   Very cool!

  • HelloRob Klingberg 

    hope you are fine & thanks a lot for you kind reply

    yes that's exactly what i am looking for, i have 6 base plate runway and i want to make landing lights

    so what i need is BrickPixel controller ? and what about the wiring issue ??

  • approch lights and  runway lights@Paul George

    i have 6 runway plates so i am asking how to make lights on the runway 

  • Paul George Well I don't know about magical 😁 but sure, we can use that word.  We already use this system in our lighting effects for the Ferris Wheel-- one controller can manage up to 30 LEDs in a single, coordinated effect (landing strip, marquee, Knight Rider LEDs, etc.).  We plan to sell starter packs of controllers and cables, and also plan to sell the parts individually so you can create your own setup.  Keep an eye on the website for more info!

  • engahmedfouad Here is how the BrickPixel system components would be set up for your runway:

     You can have up to 30 lights on each side of the runway (10 daughterboard controllers on each side).  On your runway, you'd need to have room to hide the wires for all of the LEDs and also room to hide the daughterboard controllers.  This is where it can get difficult-- there are a lot of wires to hide and a lot of controller boards.  The overall effect looks amazing, but it takes some planning with your runway build to make sure everything is connected and also hidden.

    In terms of pricing, we plan to sell the BrickPixel effect controllers for $21.69, and each daughterboard will be $7.99.  LEDs are $37.40 for 10 (warm white) or $40.68 for 10 (cool white).  Connecting cables are needed between each daughterboard-- these are likely to be around $15 for 10.

    I hope this helps clarify how the system would work and which parts would be needed.  Looking at your setup, how many of each component would you need?  Using the prices above, you can make an estimate.  If you'd like to make a purchase, we can put together a PayPal invoice (you don't need a PayPal account to pay)-- just let us know.

    Thank you!

  • Rob Klingberg Well, reviving an old thread - just as I do. 

    Seems I may need a runway for Santa on my growing-by-the-day snow-covered holiday-themed train mountain.  Probably half the setup as above (just the right half... kidding).  Meaning, the controller with just four daughters to build it out just from x.1 - x.2 in the diagram above (six lights/side).

    I figure I can bang together the 12 cool whites and other components using the online store, along with a few other widgets on my shopping list (so far) for this build - and just note it in the order to all ship together to save a few bucks...

    I'm sure my email address for invoice purposes is in the files (in a dozen places or more).  ;)

  • Paul George Happy as always to oblige-- it's never too early to be thinking about Christmas!  Let me know what else you'd like us to include in your order and I'll have my elves (ok, me) draw up the invoice. 

  • Rob Klingberg Will do - I'll drop you an email once I get all the ducks quacking and in a row in the next few days... and save the forums the one-off details.  (Until it's time to share the result, of course.)  ;)

  • Kind of a all-hands question: how to do you light the edges of your runway?  I'm monkeying with a few options, but curious if there's a great idea that works well beyond the few I'm poking.  Both are in each photos, just un-lit, then lit. (I like lights-on photos.)  😉

    #1 - round plates on a stud (left side); green is on a technic brick and pin, red is in a headlight brick on its side (obviously).

    #2 - embedded lights,  "at grade" with the surface (right side).  Maybe less realistic, but feels cleaner.

  • Paul George Warren Elsmore is one of the masters of the LEGO airport. You can see his setup from a few years ago here in a series of videos he posted to YouTube: .

    He has a newer set of videos showing his 2018 airport from LEGOWorld Copenhagen on his Facebook page-- it's private but maybe you can friend him and see them. Here's a video of the airport on setup day (sadly, without lights on): .

    Just sharing for inspiration-- I've long ago given up trying to imitate Warren's building abilities. :-)

  • Perfect!  His YouTube channel portrayed the need flawlessly - thanks for the pointer. 

    For the 'future use' file, his runways are mostly tiles, with some SNOT techniques for lighting, including using the technic bricks and an upside down round 1x1 plate with lighting below.  (On his build, appears cool white holiday lights to best transit the colored light to the top.) 

    Runway ready for lighting - email to follow [tomorrow].  :)

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