Need Advice on Lighting Modular Buildings!

I have several LEGO modular buildings that I would like to light up. I am torn between buying kits for each building - and deciding which company to get them from is mindboggling. Do you have the connectors that allow floors to be removed without disconnecting wires? If I wanted to use your products, how do I even get started? I have 5 buildings to light up. Police station, town square, library, boutique hotel, and the new jazz club. I love lighting effects and being able to control areas etc. If I was going with your products, what do I buy to get started and have enough lights etc for the 5 buildings??



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  • Hi Kris,

    Yes there is a connector that allows you to remove the floors with out disconnecting the wires:

    They work well, I have all but 2 modulars wired up with them and it is a godsend for my setup and tear down at shows.  Brickstuff does not have any kits for any of the modulars but they do have some videos showing what you can do, but most of them are the older modulars:

    I also have posted some photos of the lighting I have done for the older modulars, the 2 that I have not yet wired up are the Police Station and the newest Jazz Club.

    Instead of buying all the parts to light up 5 buildings at once, I would suggest starting with 1 modular you have the most ideas about lighting up and go with that.  You will learn quite a bit about what will work and not work, then you can use the process to inform your decisions for the next one (or 4).

    The first question I would ask you is how do you want to power them, will this be via batteries or can you plug it into the wall?  I do the latter and have one of the USB power cables to drive most all my modulars.

    You may also find that you need to swap out parts to make lighting work.  For example I changed the lights on the front door to the boutique hotel.

  • Jim and any others that want to weigh in-

    I want to power it with USB power cords. I would like each modular building lit up and have some special effects where appropriate, flickering fireplaces, and dimmable lights in some places. Floor disconnects as I already mentioned. So what do I need to get started on even one building? Do I need to figure out how many lights exactly or roughly and then order accordingly? 



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