Work continues on finalizing our new line of lightbars.  Stay tuned for more info coming soon, but I wanted to share this photo showing the different configurations/colors we are planning at this time.

Note that with this new line of lightbars, colors will be set at the factory and cannot be changed.  We do plan to accept custom orders for specific colors/combinations, but above is the list of what we're planning to offer in the initial round of products.

As always, feedback is welcome!

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  • Logan McCain OK, sounds good.  What color tiles for the bases?  The screenshot you sent had white I think.

  • Black. On all three.

  • Will this battery work with the lightbars? And also can this battery be able to power more than one lightbar? Or do I have to buy three batteries?
    Because I need a 1x6 blue lightbar for the swat suv. And two red and blue 1x6 lightbars for a police bus, one in the front and back. So will one battery be able to power both lightbars in the bus? Or do I need one battery for one lightbar?

  • Logan McCain yes, that will work, and one pack will be able to power 2 lightbars, so you'll be set.  When these are ready I'll let you know and send you a PayPal invoice-- you'll get the first three official production lightbars. :-)

  • By the way, I noticed you said what tile to use for under the light bar. If I buy the lightbars, will there have to be a 1x6 tile under it and I can't remove it? because rn I have a 1x3 piece, 1x2 and a 1x1 to make total 1x6 tile. Will the light bar be elevated by a 1x6 tile? If I remove the two blue pieces will I be able to put the computer/lightbar work onto my car with no elevation? So essentially it will look like it does in the picture.

  • Everything still going good?

  • Logan McCain Yes, absolutely, I'm sure you are wondering what's the hold-up. :-)  I'm hoping to take the product photos this week.

  • How is everything going?

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