Lights to Use for #76058 (SPIDER-MAN: GHOST RIDER TEAM-UP)

A web user asked: "I want to light my Ghost Rider bike and minifig. Looking to use at least 4 but would prefer 5 flickering Pico lights. What can you suggest?"

Since we don’t have (and haven’t seen) the set ourselves, we can just make suggestions based on the assembly instructions downloaded from

The motorcycle looks like it has a total of eight flames, each of which is connected to a Technic plate.  This doesn’t leave any room for mounting a Pico LED, unfortunately.  If there was a way mount the flames to red bricks with open studs instead (like these parts:{"color":5}), you could insert the Pico LED at the end of the flame.  This would look really cool, but would probably require modification of the build.  Looking at the instructions, it seems the rear four flames would be relatively easy to modify with the bricks to allow Pico LEDs to be mounted inside (replacing the red clip elements with the red brick elements).  So you could potentially use four flickering Pico LEDs for the rear flames, connected to two output channels of our Single-Effect Lighting Effect Controller.

It would be really great if the minifig's hair could flicker as well, but from the instructions it looks like the minifig head and hair are molded as a single piece?  This would make adding a Pico LED under the hair difficult if not impossible without modifying the headpiece element.  This might be something we could do as a custom piece of work-- again it would look amazing.

So our recommendation (from a cost-effectiveness standpoint) would be to use our Lighting Effect Starter Kit, which comes with a power source, Lighting Effect Controller, and six Pico LEDs.  If you use four LEDs on the back flames, you could either try getting one inside the head or find a way to use the remaining two LEDs on the front of the motorcycle.  The wires and power source would need to be external to the bike, but if you had it mounted in a display or on a stand, you could easily hide the wires and maybe even build the battery pack and switch into the stand.

Again, these are just suggestions based on a quick look through the instruction manual for the set.  Let us know if this information is helpful, or if anyone else has ideas or comments on the approach above.

Thanks for asking the question!

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