NASA Saturn V # 21309

To get the colors of the engine plume correct, the four outside engines use a trans-red plate (on top of the orange shield) while the center engine uses a trans-light blue plate. 


5x pico LED's, some adapter boards, an IR Lighting Effect Controller, and a small battery pack.  The four outer engines (orange) have a flicker effect, the center engine (blue) is solid on.  To get a clean install, I cheated a bit and used a 7/8" drill to go through the 'stud stack' so that the wire would be routed on the inside.  Happy to answer any questions. 

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  • Wow fantastic work!  Do you have it mounted to the wall?  The first photo made it look like it was.

  • Rob Klingberg Yes, mounted to the wall.  Two L-brackets and some nuts/bolts.  Then I made two custom Technic brackets, one load berring that goes at the bottom between the engines, another near the top of Stage 1 for stability. 

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  • Superb !!!

  • love your work!!... pieces that you used to mount on the wall are same pieces of the rocket?

  • Erick Marino An another thing, there is a good idea that you sell a pack with pieces and instructions for mounting that rocket!!

  • Erick Marino Thanks for your comment, perhaps Christian Nanini can comment with a list of parts (LEGO and non-LEGO) that he used to mount the rocket.

  • Sorry group, I don’t know why I am referenced here!!! I don’t have that rocket. I did the millennium falcon with the glass and live edge wood table. 🤔

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