I have seen the light :)

Hello there!

My name is Are J Heiseldal, but in the LEGO community I go by the nickname L@go (stupid, I know, the @ isn't searchable on Google. Should have chosen differently...). You can find my Flickr on flickr.com/legolago.

I've been active in the community for a few years now and for me, the LEGO hobby has offered the opportunity to travel a lot and meet new people. I've had a project going since 2011, Updating the Classics, where I've taken classic LEGO Town sets from my childhood and built my own modern versions, and I've brought this project from my home in Norway to several other countries.

Some of those updated sets are buildings. And I've developed a serious handicap: I just can't force myself to build a structure without a ridiculously detailed interior. Which is a shame, because as long as these buildings are then just put on a table at conventions, people won't really be able to see these interiors... unless! I put lights in them.

Cue Brickworld Chicago 2015, where I bumped into Rob of Brickstuff. Well, I didn't just bump into him randomly, I had done a bit of research on LEGO lighting, and the Brickstuff products seemed perfect, especially for my purpose, as I wasn't building to accommodate lights - I had to retrofit lights to models I had already built. And that makes wire diameters and plug sizes very important. Brickstuff is just simply the smallest system on the market, so I ignored the fact that it was a bit more costly than some of the other solutions, had Rob make me an offer I couldn't refuse, and went back home to Norway with several hundred dollars' worth of lights.

I don't regret it for a second. You can find pictures of the six buildings in question at the top of my Updated Classics album on Flickr (although you'll have to excuse the picture quality - my camera didn't want to cooperate).

And as a little teaser here and now, I've added a couple of pictures and a little video tour of my modular gas station built for Megan Rothrock's LEGO Adventure Book 2 - now equipped with lights!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the lights (or anything else). I'll be happy to let you know more about my experience with the Brickstuff products.

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  • Welcome Are! Will you be at Legoworld again?

  • Hi and thank you! Maybe as a visitor, but not as an exhibitor, unless I can work something out just for the weekend - I'm not working, but I have to manage my economy a little bit as I'm going to Skærbæk and directly to BrickCon in Seattle over the next few weeks...

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