Problems with remote control - Millennium Falcon V2 Kit

I've recently started testing my Millennium Falcon V2 kit after having not turned it on for several months.  I noticed some issues with the remote.  I verified that the kit turned on when plugged in.  Lights turned on.  But the remote did not work right away.  After several button pushes/holds things started working fine.  Once working, I didn't notice any lag issues.  But after powering off again and testing it the following day, I had the same issue. 

I can't recall if I'm forgetting a step when operating it.  If so, I might have to be reminded.  I don't believe this is a case that the remote has a low battery.  The light on the remote was working after every button press.  Could there potentially be something wrong with my kit?  I thought maybe a frequency issue, but the fact that it eventually worked made me think otherwise.  I appreciate any thoughts on this.

A second concern...If my remote battery does die, how do I go about replacing it?  Is the remote able to be pried open?



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  • Hi Manny, thanks for your question.  The only thing I can think of related to the kit itself would be if the "main power" (long-press of button "A" on the remote) had been switched off.  Once that's on (again, with a long-press of "A"), things should be good.

    Since you've had your kit awhile, I'm thinking it might be the remote battery.  You'll notice the light on the remote will flash or flicker slightly when you hold down a button.  This can mean the battery is running low.  We posted a video on YouTube showing how to replace the battery.  Hopefully this helps!  Please let us know.  Thank you.

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    Rob Klingberg Thanks for the reply Rob!  This video is exactly what I was looking for.

    As for the long "A" button, I thought I had done that, but I'll try it again.  I'm familiar with the ability to turn on and off the kit.  I thought that it stays in the state that you left it in when you completely unplug it from power.  Either way, when I plugged in the kit, the lights were on and it took several button presses to get the interaction going.  I'll fiddle around with it more.

    Obviously because this set is so huge, I have it on a shelf, not really displayed and only move it to plug it in when I explicitly want to show it off.  So not very often.  But I'm currently finishing up a display table that I'm building.  Glass top, plexiglass sides, integrated power source for the kit.  I'll finally have a proper display to show it off.  I'll share pictures when it's complete.

  • MS I’d love to see photos of your new setup when it’s done!

    Also, you’re correct, the power state is preserved even when power is physically removed, so let me know if the battery fix does the trick.

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