Millennium Falcon Dejarik Table Kit??

I would love to make an amazing table or buy one!!

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  • Wow, that does look great.  Where is it from?  What would you like to see in a kit?

  • I'm right there with you, Bradley! I bought an extra table for my set so I could modify one. My original intention was to use fiber optic line for the red and blue side lights, and a blue light in the center. So far, I've only drilled out the center stud on the table to acommodate the wire. The light is way too bright, I'll have to run a dimmer on it, but I'm happy with how it came out. Now I'm not so sure I want to try to tackle all those fiber optic lines inconspicuously, because I would not only have to drill the side lights and collect the fiber optic lines, but drill holes in the floor plate as well. Not too sure I want to desecrate the Falcon like that, but, dangit, it'd look AWESOME if I could pull it off. I'm waiting with baited breath for my Falcon light kit, as I like to install as I build, so I'm stuck at step 4! 

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  • Michael W Boatman Very nice.  FYI we have some fiber optic wire in the shop with black cladding on the outside if you'd be interested in that, and if it would help with the light leakage.

  • Rob,

    That would be really helpful, I was looking at trying to gather 12 clear strands together after epoxying them into place at the table's edge, then trying to use dark shrink tubing without melting either the table or the fiber optics. I would have to do that on each side, then drill holes in the baseplates that make up the deck underneath the table, then try to install two lights under those plates in a red and a separate blue compartment...

    It was getting daunting, and at the price I paid for the table, I was leery of trying it. But with black strands all I would have to do is gather all the strands together on each side, and maybe drilling every other light on each side instead of all 12... That would make it quite a bit less daunting. That would be very helpful to have those clad wires. It looks to me like a .5mm hole would remove all the red or blue from the printed lights, while leaving a little silver. I doubt that matters except when it's turned off, but... What sizes do you have available that have the cladding? I am very interested :)

  • Michael W Boatman We have three sizes of internal fiber: 0.5mm, 0.75mm, and 1.5mm.  The cladding makes the overall cable thicker than this, but those are the internal sizes.  I went ahead and drilled 0.4mm holes into my own Falcon piece, and have glued the first 12 fibers into place for a test run.  I'll post more here when I have something glittery to show. :-)

  •    Well, a little progress to report.  The drilling went ok, and the mounting of the fibers was tough but not impossible.  Did some basic testing with lights today but need to work on an improved way to connect the individual fibers to the individual LEDs.  More work needed, but results are promising!

    (this is the 0.5mm fiber by the way)

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  • Very amazing and impressive 

    how are you hooking up the fiber optics to the kit? 

    I never used fiber optics and would like a tutorial…pleaseeeeee ;) 

  • That looks like it will be absolutely amazing when it's finished! It looks like you have the problem I feared, with all the cables and nowhere to put them. The instruction book shows the red and blue lights mounted with one side outward and the other toward the seatback, with the sides clear. If you mounted it transverse to that, your cables would be on the sides of the piece that holds the table to the floor, which should make them easier to route through the deck, and also making it easier for the dark cables to blend in. I was thinking that I could make separate compartments for the LEDs under the deck, hoping that one LED might be enough for each side. It looks like the coating on the cables makes them considerably thicker, so maybe more than one LED would be needed for each bundle of cables, but I think that would be workable anyway. It may need to have a dimmer installed, the individual cables might look like one long string if they were too bright. I definitely would like to get some of that coated fiber optic cable in the .5 mm size, and I cannot wait to see what your table looks like lit!

  • Michael W Boatman Thanks, yeah the sheer accumulation of cables may be an issue.  Though I was planning to run them all out under the seats to the open area behind the cavity in the Falcon.  Right now I'm designing a test board with 12 LEDs that is compact and to which all 12 fiber strands could be run-- if this works, then two of these could be mounted in the open space next to the seating area.  Stay tuned-- should take about 2 weeks to get the prototype boards back.

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