Lights for the 76023 Tumbler

The only options I've found from other manufacturers is light kits that only light up the 8x front lights in different color options (I would prefer the cool bright white)


I'd like to also have warm white strips or some sort of lights for the interior, and a flickering light for the jet nozzle, and maybe more I'm not sure I just started thinking about it....

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  • Thanks for the message-- we don't have this model in our shop but I downloaded the instructions tonight and had a quick look through.  This looks like it would be VERY easy to light up using our off-the-shelf parts.  The headlights use LEGO "headlight" bricks so placing our Pico LEDs inside would be a piece of cake.  We have cool white Picos so no issue there.

    For the interior, maybe a blue Pico LED or two?  There's a crossbar that runs along the top of the roof in the center between the seats-- a Pico LED or two under there, held in place with a transparent boat stud, would do the trick.  Possibly also look at a few flashing red Picos somewhere down under the dash, by the screens?

    As for the engine in back, that's just a barrel on top of a plate, so one of our flickering orange Pico LEDs would fit perfectly there.

    I assume there's room inside to hide one of our 3xAA battery packs?  Or would you want to have it USB-powered instead?

    If this sounds good to you in terms of a setup, let me know and I can make up a quick custom pack for you.

    Thanks again!

  • Because of the size of the interior, and how it is kinda split up, do you think 3x pico leds would be better, or too much? I attached a pic, i could place them on the underside of the marked areas with clear 2x2 sliders/boat studs.

    I like the idea of one or two red blinking ones, somewhere in the bottom of the cockpit (also marked in the pic). Or were you thinking on the throttle lever or under the transparent red grill in the center console?

    If I put some lego fire pieces in the barrel at the rear, would the 1x pico still be bright enough?

    The battery pack will be fine. What are the overall dimensions of the battery pack? If i can't hide it in the set, I know I can hide it in the base of my display case.

    Thanks for all of your assistance!!

  • William C Cheezum Jr Thanks for the photo. I think you could position the lights internally wherever worked the best for you.  Without having the set myself, it's hard to tell what position would be best, even with photos.

    Here are the battery back dimensions:

    Dimensions: 6x9x3 LEGO® studs (LxWxH), or 2.75x1.875x0.75 inches 

    RE: the fire pieces, if you were able to position them directly on top of the flickering Pico LED, the light would illuminate the flame pieces nicely.

    What do you think?

  • So it's:

    8x Cool White Picos is for the Headlights

    3x Blue Picos for the interior

    2x red flashers for the interior

    2x orange flickers for the jet

    And a battery pack

    That should give me enough options to play around with, and I'll report back what works best. How do we put together a custom pack?

  • William C Cheezum Jr Thanks for finalizing the list-- I can make up a PayPal invoice for you.  Just one question-- what lengths on each of the wires?  We can do 3", 6", 12", or 24".

  • The Tumbler is 17" long, so a 12" from the front and back should easily meet in the middle, but I'm not sure if it will be enough to snake thru the build to the controller box.  And 24" seems excessive. Thoughts?

  • William C Cheezum Jr With these large Technic-based models, the good thing is that there is always plenty of space inside to hide excess wires, and the Technic parts with holes in them actually make great ways to coil/loop extra wire.  If you think you can accommodate the excess this way, I'd recommend 24" wires just to be safe.

  • Rob Klingberg  24" it is. One other thing, is there room on the controller for expansion? I may want to add lights in my display case and want to tie them in.

  • William C Cheezum Jr We have a total of 15 lights.  I could include 2 of our 10-port adapters, that way you'd have room to expand later.  Sound good?

  • Sounds good.

  • Rob Klingberg I am thinking of doing the same thing to my Tumbler, but I was thinking of adding some of the BrickScreen Video Screens into it as well. I am not sure how to go about doing this, any suggestions?

  • Daniel Ray I think that's a great idea.  The screens have the same power connectors as our lights, so you can use the parts listed above to also connect the screen.  With a screen onboard, you'll need to use more than the AA battery pack for power, so we'd recommend our USB cable.  Which parts of the cockpit are you thinking about adding a screen to?

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  • Rob Klingberg it would be nice to do all of them, but I am not sure if that is even possible or cost affective. There are a lot of screen possibilities on the Tumbler, what are your thoughts.

  • Daniel Ray Since I don't have the model, I can't make specific recommendations.  If you have photos of parts of the cockpit where you think screens would fit, please send them, along with measurements (i.e., 2x2 studs, etc.) and I'll make some recommendations as best I can.  Thanks!

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  • Rob Klingberg All of the computer screens are 2x2 flats with the hinge piece on the back. There is a total of eight "computer screens"

  • Daniel Ray Thanks for the pics.  We don't (yet!) have a screen small enough to replace a 2x2 tile, but the screen we use for our X-Wing cockpit is the perfect size:

    That's a 2x4 tile on top.  You can see the screen has a nice black metal frame, so it would drop in nicely to replace a 2x4 tile.  I could put two screens playing on that one screen, side by side, so they would look like two different screens.

    So, we can do it.  The only question is: do you want to spend that much on the interior of your Tumbler?  Each screen would be $69.99.

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  • Rob Klingberg Would you be able to put something like the images you see from the movie? Not sure how that works. If you could do 2 monitors with 4 different videos, I would be good for that, plus the lights needed to light up the engine, lights and interior.

  • Daniel Ray Hi, yes I looked at some YouTube video yesterday of the Tumbler from the film-- I think we can do something similar (many of the UI designers for Hollywood seem to use the same footage in multiple films).  Let me play around a bit and I'll post again when I have more to share.

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  • Rob Klingberg Sounds great

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