Non LEGO 1/8 scale Knight Rider project

Hello / bonjour! 

I am working on a 1/8 scale Knight Rider KITT and looking for options to install real screens on the dash

The screens on the model -the display areas- are 4 x 3.54 inches & I have no knowledge in electronics / programming whatsoever and was wondering if you would you be able to make something custom for me? I also have video files to be displayed on the screens if necessary.

Thanks in advance for your help !

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  • Oh, and I would also love to light up the dash / have sequence lights !

  • Hello, and thank you for your note.  Wow, this looks like a great project!  Is this a kit, or did you create the dash from scratch?  If there was a kit or some way for us to get dimensions of the screen openings and also the space behind the screens, we would likely be able to create a custom program for one of our screens to play the videos and animations.  We could also likely create a lighting setup for the dash.

    If you have videos for the screens, you can always send us a link via support(at) and we'd be happy to have a look!

  • Thanks! Email with details sent.

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  • Hi Rob, just wanted to make sure you got the email? Thanks ! 
    Also, here is a little video of the scanner/front nose with sounds, just a basic wiring & setup test for now 🙂

  • ElaSteK 

    This look really cool! Especially with the sound, the original Feeling is back. Maybe I should build a K.I.T. with LEGO and use your light effect.

  • Hey thanks ! I used the Sense Innovations One+ RC sound unit which can easily be hooked up to any custom project. You get access to an app / online source of engine & few other sounds, you can upload files as well. I used a stock Emi engine sound from the app and added the scanner / turbine / voice sounds after editing them with Audacity.

    The scanner is not bad, wish all the leds  would have lighted up together before going into scanning mode to be screen accurate, but I'm not complaining, I have hoped for such a large & detailed Knight Rider KITT model for years to customise !

    I just started ordering the BTTF Eaglemoss Delorean parts as well and planning to turn into a RC car eventually too. 

    Fun times ahead & can't wait to see how Rob is gonna light up those screens & dash 🤩

  • ElaSteK Thanks for sharing the video-- wow, what a great setup you have in the works!  Sorry I am a bit behind on e-mails but making a pledge to get caught up this week, so I'll get back to you very soon!  Keep up the great work and keep us posted.

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  • Hey Rob ! Sorry, really did not mean to rush you at all, let me know when you find some time & see where we can get !

  • Hi I'm doing the same knight rider build 1.8 scale I'm going to use tiny monator iv ordered them can let you see how they look wen I get them in about 4 weeks only problem  is the programs for the screen were to download have a few but hard to find 

  • M khameeree cool, it's an awesome build with loads of possibilities for upgrades. The 0.96 oled is awesome & you can load any video you want on it.  Bear in mind that the screen won't fit in your stock dashboard. the screen size on the stock dash are 0.42inch, no viable option with a color display this size exists at the moment unfortunately. 

    I made a custom season 3/4 dash with a single screen in which the 0.96 oled fits perfectly & i'm pretty sure loads of cool mods -including functional screens- will eventually be released as the model becomes available in more countries. It has yet to be released in the massive American market.

    Here's what I made:

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