how to add switch in series with small-plugs connection bay

I've purchased a pico flickering light. We are building a 1/48 scale hobbit hole inside a tin can. It's going into an old duct hole along the baseboards in front of a no-longer-used chimney. When you open the door, a switch will close and the flickering light will produce a faint glow in the hearth of a fireplace.

Here's the problem: The wire on these flickering light is so small, I am sure I should purchase some kind of connection hardware rather than stripping and soldering the ends of the wire. There's a watch batter power supply that includes a connection bay, but I don't see a robust way to add my switch in series with it. I am assuming that the wires from the power-supply to the connection bay are the same gauge as the pico lights? Is my question clear? Basically I am asking: what's an easy way to add a 3rd party switch to the brick-light system. Thanks.

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  • Hi Andrew, thank you for your question-- yours sounds like a great project!  Very cool, and I hope to see photos of it when you're done.

    Years ago, I made up some proto breakout boards with our connectors on one end and standard 2.54mm breadboard header holes on the other end.  Here's a photo:

    I never ended up finalizing them or making them in bulk, but I do have some of the prototypes still in the office.  Do you think these would work?  You'd plug the Pico LED into the plug, then you would have the easier-to-solder holes on the other end.

    Let me know if you think this would work for you-- if so, I'm happy to send you two for the cost of shipping.

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