Disney Castle - Lighting the Rose?

Brand new to lighting LEGOs and just waiting to receive our first kit... (oh why must pre-orders take sooo long) but have read the instructions online about 1,000 times to be ready and wondered if it is possible to light the Beast Rose next to Lumiere.  I'll admit we've seen it in a "competitor's" kit but was probably the only cool thing compared to what we hope the Brickstuff kit will be.  Going off the instructions I really just don't know where to get the power for it but seems like it would be simple?

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  • Hi there, thank you very much for ordering our kit and also for your patience while we work to get all of the pre-orders packed and shipped!

    To answer your question about the rose, some customers have opted to use the turret light described in the instructions (Step 100) for the rose instead.  If you wanted to do this, the approach would be fairly easy-- just run those light wires under the edge of the floor tiles in the room with the rose jar and into the jar itself, instead of into the turret next to the bedroom.  Everything in that section of the Castle connects to the same adapter board, so connecting the light itself would be the same as described in the instructions-- you'd just run the wire via a different path.

    Since all of the plugs on the adapter board are used (9 of 9), unfortunately you can't add an *extra* light but can re-purpose any of the lights except for the stove and candelabra/lumiere light and use it in the rose jar instead.

    I hope this helps explain-- let us know if you have any questions about the steps above.

    Again, thank you!

  • I guess I was digging around the forums and found a diagram of the Version 1 that had the rose lit... where now more turrets are lighted using all 9 plugs.  I also see that there is another BRANCH09 in the upper level with an open plug #9... says no light should be connected to #9.  Does the whole thing  ☢️ explode ☢️ if a light is put in there?  Lastly I think red would be an appropriate color and I saw the x2 Red Picos with a BRANCH03 but still goes back to where to get power and stupid noob question "is there such a thing as a Y splitter for power".

  • Brian N Shannon Ignotowicz Hi, no need to worry about any nuclear explosions from connecting anything to that 9th connector in the upper level adapter-- the only issue that the main controller doesn't send any data to that plug, so it won't light up at all if you connect something to it. :-(

    RE: using a splitter, splitting the outputs from the BRANCH09X adapters is physically possible (though we don't sell the adapters or wires), but I wouldn't recommend it, not because it could cause any damage to anything (that won't happen no matter how many lights are connected to a single output plug), but because each output on the BRANCH09X will only supply enough power for one connected light.  If you connect two, both lights will be half as bright, and if you connect 10, each will only be 1/10 as bright.  This is why I recommended using the turret light in the rose vs. splitting that output, which would make both 50% dimmer.

    Hopefully this helps explain. 🙂

  • Thanks for the answer although not what I was hoping for (thought I found a work-around) but was confirmed in another post that #9 was a dead-end... at least I wasn't the only one who tried it.  

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