Trying to make traffic lights!

Hay I was wondering as im more of a do it yourself kinda guy and already have thew traffic lights if there is a way to but just the controllers and lights for this? -

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  • Hi Grayson , thanks for your note.  Yes, we have a version of the traffic light kit just for you.  On the page you linked above, you can select the kind of kit you want.  You can pick "Unmounted Pico LEDs" from the "LED Configuration" drop-down box and you'll get the pack with LEDs and controller, and you can then design your own traffic lights.  Hope this helps!

  • Okay I have one more question. what tool do you use to drill though the lego street light pole?

  • Grayson We use a high-end drill press along with very thin drill bits and a custom jig (made from LEGO of course).  Here's the drill we use:

  • Thanks for the fast reply! Im vary close to knowing everything I need to know. I have some small drill bits but they suck. Any recommendations on ones that don't?


  • Grayson We have several types of bits listed on our Amazon page:

  • Thanks. I'm trying to find a cheaper drill and found one from Harbor Freight - Think this is powerful enough?

  • Grayson Absolutely not.  I have that drill.  I know you're trying to save money, but to do the kind of detail work we do, drill out lamp posts the the like, you will need to spend at least $250 on a drill press.  Why?  Because you need one with a truly variable speed.  95% of the drill presses out there use belts to "control" the speed, but in fact these are made for drilling wood and other hard materials.  To drill plastic, you need a variable speed drill that will allow you to bring the rotation down to almost zero.  For this you will need to look for a speed DIAL, not belts.  Power is not the thing-- control is.  And using a drill press like that is like trying to carve a statue using a machine gun.  It's the wrong tool, period.

    Sorry but I'm very opinionated about this.  I have more than 5 drill presses and have gone through thousands of pieces of broken LEGO over the years.  If you really want to do this work yourself, buy the right drill.  You will not be able to do the work you want to do without it-- trust me.

  • Okay! thanks so much im so glad I asked

  • Grayson Np just want to save you some of the grief I went through! :-)

  • Yea I defenetly do not want to wreck my lego! That would be so sad!

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