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OK, we've built this amazing set and have had it on our table to look at for several weeks.  We have some ideas about what we'd like to light up and possibly even use sound effects for.  But as always we want to hear what YOU would like to see in your dream light and sound kit for this set.  Please let us know, and thank you as always for your input!

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  • Just started building this set (bag 1 done! Woohoo!). So it’ll be long before I see the end result with my own eyes.

    But already have some ideas. First a more general one:

    - As this is quite the modular set (with possible expansion sets coming in the future maybe) it would be great to have the lights grouped per building. And then in such a way that you can connect one building to any of the other three (or more in the future), with one being the “master building” with the central control board of course. Not sure how this could work though as it would require some sort of connection that is easy to connect / disconnect (also taking effects into account), but as you guys are awesome in thinking of really cool stuff I’m sure you already are thinking of a possible way :)

    In regards to lights themselves:

    - for sure flickering lights in the exterior / interior lamps.

    - Sort of “spotlights” for in the shop windows. 

    - not sure if color changing lights will look good in this set, but maybe those shining on the exterior (maximum two per building?)

    - of course some regular interior lights to light the interior rooms

    - lastly, maybe a green / purple effect (like the chamber of secrets in the hogwarts castle) light around the nocturn alley part?

    And one final idea / request / note: it would be great if it’s possible to turn on / off the whole thing with one button.

  • Hi! Just discovered your site and products and am hoping for this exact thing! I found the Diagon Alley set used and have been cataloging the parts and building slowly. It definitely would be more enjoyable with lighting. There are so many lost details because of lack of light. 

    I've assembled fully only Olivanders, so I'll come back and add more when the others are done. The shop windows really need to be lit from within--both the window displays and full awesomeness of the yellow glass is lost without lights. I think it would be super-fun for the exterior torch to glow. If there was a way for a light to switch on when the stairs swing out to illuminate the under-stair storage, that would be super. 

    On the Scribbulus side, I think a it mainly needs general interior lights, window spotlights, but the quill display case would be extra cool if it was back-lit somehow, like a real display case. 

  • Paul Chevallier Thanks for your great suggestions, Paul!  We have been designing the lights exactly as you have outlined them, on a per-building basis to allow for modularity.  Still have a bit more to work out here in terms of technical challenges, but definitely a design goal.  As for how to connect/disconnect the buildings, we're looking at a variant of our popular horizontal magnetic connectors.  Perhaps having these as an add-on option?

    Thanks for your other general lighting suggestions as well-- definitely in line with what we're thinking.  The idea of the external color-changing lights is a great one, and one we hadn't though of.

    We had also been thinking of making allowances so people could add streetlamps that flickered (and maybe came on/off randomly)-- what do you think of that idea?

    And yes, we'll definitely make it possible in this kit to have a master on/off switch.  We're also thinking of making a timer available that would have the kit on for 6 hours and then off for 18 hours, kind of like they have with Christmas lights and other decorations.  You'd still be able to turn things on/off manually with the remote, but for people who wanted to have an auto on/off feature, would this be of interest?

    Thanks again for the great suggestions.  Keep 'em coming!

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  • Nicole Couture Dandrea Hi Nicole, I'm glad you found our little Forum!  Thanks for your post and for sharing your ideas.

    I agree with you about needing to light from within, and of course to have the exterior elements like torches also light up.  One thing we've seen with kits from other manufacturers is that their lights are way too bright.  We're aiming for a much more subtle effect, so you can still enjoy the buildings while the lights are on and so the lights don't shine too brightly to hide interior details.

    The idea to have the switch for the swinging stairs is great!  We can definitely look into that.

    Also, great idea for the quill display case.  We'll check into options there as well.

    Thank you again for sharing your ideas!

  • Hi Rob Klingberg ,

    Thank you for the message! Sounds like this is going to be another awesome kit!

    I actually also thought of street lamps! But more as an add-on, so didn’t include it in my original post.

    Great to hear that your ideas were basically in line with what I was thinking and the idea of the magnetic connectors sound very good! Would make mixing up the modules very easy.
    Probably not everyone would need that though, so as an add-on is a good plan I think.

    As for the timer, I know there are people that will love a function like that! For me it’s not really that much of interest as I would connect it to an outlet which can be controlled through my smartphone (and will then be included in my home automation).

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  • I have lighted Diagon Alley using flickering yellow lights in the candles, outside lamps, and in the light posts that I added for outside lighting.  In several of the building I've used light strips for interior lighting and pico white lights for window lighting.  I used the horizontal power connectors between buildings and on each end for power in using USB adapters.  Here's a rather poor picture of it.

  • Larry Andersen Looks wonderful-- would love to see video and more details of how you integrated the horizontal connectors!

  • Rob Klingberg any news for yalls Set? Rough eta or sneak peak?

  • Michael Organiscak Nothing to report yet-- someone made the suggestion (a great one) that they'd like to be able to connect the buildings in any order and have the effects in each be the same.  Need to do a little more thinking on that one, because it's something we'd really like to implement.

  • Just got the set today and was thought was lights and how amazing it would be. I thinking of dividing it up into two Alley sections (facades facing each other) as bookshelf ‘nooks’ amongst my HP illustrated volumes. One lighting/sound effect that would be fun is random effects inside Ollivander’s as a customer tries out a wand and things go wrong and then find the correct one with the ‘wand chooses Wizard’ sound and lighting like in the movies. Will look forward to the kit. 

    I presume as with others you will have instructions for installing lights in an already assembled set? Thanks!!

  • David Newell also motor for the Weasley arm???

  • David Newell Great suggestions, love them!  Yes, I've seen several others connecting their Alleys in the configuration like you mentioned, with buildings facing each other.  In this case, there might also be a need for some black lamp posts to have in the "street"?  What do you think?

    Yes absolutely, we'll have the same approach for installation instructions as with our other kits.

    The motor for the arm is a wonderful idea.  Need to think about how we'd go about doing that, but I love it!

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  • Rob Klingberg Thanks! The "street" ends up fairly narrow but it does look like a few standing lamp posts could be added without overcrowding it. Maybe additional wall lights added to the buildings and/or signs? I've finished Book #1 and am halfway through #2 but the Olivander's circular sign looks like a good candidate for adding a light on the end.  Excited to see what you will come up with!

  • The black lamp posts I added to mine look great with flickering yellow lights.  I think the ones with cross bars would even look better.  I used lanterns on top to hold the lights.  If there had been dark green lanterns I would have used that color of lamp post.

  • Any eta? I have completed 2 buildings so will be looking for a kit soon....

  • Brandon Hackett As mentioned earlier, we're still looking at a solution that will allow the buildings to be interchangeable.  At this time, my best guess is that we would have a kit ready by September.

  • A few more thoughts... I was watching the films while building the set. The main window of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes below the Head/Hat has lights that cycle through different colors - that would be a fun effect!

    Also part of the Quality Quidditch Supplies building exterior is a small Hogwarts sign which doesn't make much sense... that technic hole in the wall would be the perfect place to add an additional light fixture. 

  • Great detail-- thank you!  Making that color-cycling light should definitely be possible.  And we'll check out the Technic hole as well for a potential additional light.

  • Hey guys,

    Was there any update after the above for this set?

    it’s still an amazing set, but it looks rather dark next to the Disney Castle and Hogwarts sets that are lit up with your amazing lights

  • Paul Chevallier hey Rob just made a blog update that explains the refocus for the company this year. Thankfully this kit is one that will receive the renewed focus!! Found the blog post on facebook

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  • Paul Chevallier Hi Paul, as Michael Organiscak mentioned, we did publish a post yesterday that includes updates about this set.  You can read it here: https://blog.brickstuff.com/beginning-again/.

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  • Rob Klingberg 

    Thank you for that link. Explains everything very nicely.

    And I’m happy to see that even though the past years have been bad, something good did come out of it with getting clear on the priorities.

    Looking forward to see and hear more of the great work that you are doing!

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