2001: a space odyssey - 1/8 Moebius POD build


So glad I found you.

Just received the Brickstuff 0.96 OLED (with programmable content) for testing it size-wise on the 1/8 Moebius model, which I am starting around May ´22....

The challenges are many (especially with no previous building experience with regs to this particular model - so I do not know what fitting horror may lay beyond :-) ): 

a) there are six stamp-size monitor fields in plastic: 4 x 16mm x 16mm and 2 x 14mm x 14mm & there is no perfect fit with any available screen, so workarounds need to fit larger ones into the space available (and the content paned accordingly.

c) but also in the space available below the surface! That's why the 0.96 OLED is a hard bargain with regs to the large plate and slot board

d) the slot board though has the advantage of programming individual content (which I have ready and waiting now)

SO.... some concrete questions and remarks I am happy for any input to:

a) am I right? no perfect screens available, or?

b) 6 individual 0.96 Brickstuff OLEDS mean 6 times energy and mechanisms outside, and according cabling; There is no integrated system option available, right? 

c) I wanted to actually take 6 OLEDs 0.96 and make the best of things, status today... any suggestion?

All the best to ya all!

Tobias, in the Alps of Italy

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  • Hello Tobias Drewling , thank you for your post!  We have one of the EVA pod models in our shop, and have had it for several years.  Always looking for the best combination of screens to fit into those six spaces.  You are correct-- there is no single size that works for them all, and with the side screens especially, the space is tight and the angles are unusual.

    We do have some ideas, though, and the new interest in the kit is making us want to look at finishing up a "proper" kit for the EVA pod this spring.  The good news is that we have already created more than 60 individual animations based on the actual screens from the movie, so we have the videos ready to go!  Just need to get the right mix of screens and position to make it look amazing.  Stay tuned!

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  • Great Development!

    spring? Excellent! Please allow me with this reply to place a first preorder :-)

    however, one thing-atruly fanta thing would be, if the set would be programmable for the user (who knows whether Bowman watched DonaldDuck-Movies on the long spacedive inbetween?)

    so exciting thx!

    (I believe many would be happy to acquire the set: monsterinmotion offers many lighting kits, as you my know, already … and the final Moebius 2001 Model is just available since last week - the Moonshuttle Aries 1b… so many builders will look again these days!

    all the best

  • So, my childish mock-up of all the 6 screens… my view: the dead astronaut chase is key: so, radar and film excerpt of closing in in the centred monitors… as a fun fact…

  • Tobias Drewling Hi, while it's a great idea to have the screens user-programmable, unfortunately this is not possible for a number of reasons.  One big reason is that most of the screens we use are made by another company, and they use their own proprietary development tool to load videos onto the screen.  Also, I think some of the other screens will need to have videos loaded and positioned at specific angles to align with the openings in the EVA pod, so again this will be highly specialized and will need to be loaded ahead of time.  We have captured almost every one of the EVA pod screen animations from the film, so there should be no need for modification.

  • Tobias Drewling Very nicely done!

  • Tobias Drewling One thing I did not mention is that for a small charge, we can load videos for you if you have them ready and if you need something other than the pre-loaded videos.

  • Rob Klingberg 


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