DIY Plugs (Pico & Connecting) Question


Really interested in using 0.15 mm magnet wire for my current Lego MOC.  Being able to better hide the wires is going to be so nice.  I'm hoping to make an order sometime this week, to grab a USB power cable, expansion adapters, and obviously some lights.

However I already have a ton of 3rd party 3mm 5v LEDs (w/ resisters) that I'd still like to make use of, but I'm not quite clear on which product I'd need to integrate them into a lighting system.  I'm comfortable with soldering and working at small scales and have worked with LEDs and circuit boards before (albeit many years ago).

The magnet wire spool has no connectors as far as I can tell from the description so I would have to buy some plugs somewhere else, correct?  What size plugs would fit a Brickstuff 1:9 Expansion Adapter?

Is it possible to use the DIY Pico cables (or even the DIY Connecting cables) for this?

Can someone shed some light (pun alert)?


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  • Hi EArkham , thanks for your message and for your interest in our products!  If you are comfortable soldering, you could use either our DIY Pico Cables or DIY Connecting Cables to connect to your resistors, LEDs, and our magnet wire for connections. Our system runs on 5V DC so if you have the right resistors (sounds like you do), then you just need the connecting cables mentioned above with connectors on one end and bare wire on the other end.  To use with the 1:9 adapters, you'd go for the Pico cables.


    I hope this information is helpful-- please let me know if there is any additional info we can provide.

  • Rob Klingberg Yup, exactly what I needed to know.  Thanks!

  • Made a purchase earlier, grabbed some stuff to play with plus the last marque set since eventually I'll want to set that up and didn't want to risk not having one.

    Is there no account history on the site so you can see previous orders?

  • EArkham Thank you very much for your purchase!  No, the current website platform we use does not keep order history (no website login) but we are almost done with a new site that will have much better functionality.

  • Rob Klingberg I have never soldered and I'm not sure how comfortable I am, is there another way to use the DIY Connecting Cables to connect other wires?

  • Rick rivera Yes you could splice them together.  There are some no-solder solutions on the market that allow you to join two wires together:

    But these are for larger wires than the ones we use in our system.  You could likely make these work if you folded the wire over several times before shrinking, but we haven't tried it.

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