Extending lightening effect in haunted house kit

I have a large haunted house display and just ordered one of the last few remaining fancy lighting kits for it. The thing is the lightening will not cover the whole display as it so huge. Is it possible to add additional lights so that they still synchronise with the lightening/sounds? If so could they also be one of your bright UV lights?

Lastly, what type of light would I need to extend the regular effect?


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  • I love the fancy kits - have one of the haunted house kit myself.

    If memory serves, the bright UV light draws a lot of power, and may not be well-suited to be tied into the controllers.  Most of the other lights are plain Jane lights that you can grab extras from in the LIGHTS and EXPANSION ACCESSORIES sections (for whatever light color, and extra connectoids, you may need.)

    Assuming you're using the USB power supply or a Power Function brick -- just not the battery pack -- there's generally plenty of power available to split things off within the available effects and still have synchornization. 

    It's that 1-watt UV light that I think may not enjoy being part of a sync effect - BUT - there are regular PICO lights that you could use depending on the setup.  (I've added six UV PICO lights without an issue - just haven't messed with the big boy UV light personally...)

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  • Alex Reid Thank you for your post!  Yes, you can definitely add more lights to the two lightning channels.  In theory, you could use 20 or more light strips to add to the channel, so there is definitely room to create a very large display.  If you're thinking about using the high-power LEDs, though, we recommend only attaching four of those, maximum, to a lighting controller.  Because the haunted house has the sound board as well, which by itself uses a very large amount of power, you will need to be careful about excessive power draw.  You will know there is not enough power if you start hearing buzzing or humming sounds coming from the sound board.  If you plan to add additional lights to the setup, the first recommendation I'd make would be to connect the sound board to its own power source, not connected to the power source used by the rest of the lights in the setup.  I'd also recommend using the USB power source for the sound, and powering it using a mains power adapter like an iPhone or iPad adapter capable or providing at least 1 Amp of power (you will be able to see the output of an adapter by looking at the printed text on it-- it should say something like "Output: 5V 1A" or something similar-- again you will need to get one with at least 1A of output capability).

    I hope this helps-- please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Also, please share photos and videos of your enlarged setup when it's complete!

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  • Paul George thanks!

  • Rob Klingberg thanks!

  • Any chance more of these lighting kits will become available?

  • Larry Andersen We're working on making more as we speak (or, rather, type)!  Should be back in stock in late July.

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