Powered Up adapter cable

Are there any thoughts/plans for having a Powered Up adapter cable like the PF Adapter cable?  I know I will be asked by my LUG about this :)  There is only one accessory so far in the line, the LED light set.

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  • ..And if you can find that LED light set, you let us know. :-) LEGO has really gotten out in front of its own ability to supply the field with Powered Up-- the light set is mentioned on the box and in the instructions for the train sets, but we can't find the lights anywhere-- not on LEGO.com , not on BrickOwl, not on BrickLink. Again, if you can find them, let us know!

    We certainly do plan on incorporating the Powered Up line into our line of PF-connected parts, but the limiting factor will be LEGO's ability to provide stock of parts.  Unfortunately the connector is proprietary, so the only way we'll be able to get plugs is by buying cables from LEGO.  This is relatively easy to do now with PF because of the extension cables, but according to what we've read, LEGO does not plan to make extension or conversion cables for Powered Up, which will severely limit our ability to get a sizable stock of cables.

    Hopefully the market will rise up and demand that extension and adapter cables be offered.  Until that happens, we'll continue experimenting of course!

  • https://shop.lego.com/en-US/LEGO-Powered-Up-LED-Light-88005

    Yes they don't have it categorized properly in the system :(

  • Jim Pirzyk Interesting!  I'll have to pick one up.  At $9.99 the price is likely too high for us to purchase in bulk for use with a custom solution, but again, hopefully someone will make an aftermarket solution.

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    Is there any update about this?  It would make life a lot simpler to power my model of the unused port of the powered up hub. 

  • seejay Yes, we are still working on testing prototypes.  The connection system is very delicate so we've gone through multiple iterations.  Still working to get things working correctly.  Stay tuned.

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  • Another reply to this must mean it's popular? :)

    Is there any further update to this? I've been playing around with the Powered Up app's coding features and it would be great to have programmable Brickstuff lights for signals and the like.

    I understand the global situation is causing some issues so no worries if it's stalled :)

  • Alex Burgess Thanks for the follow up.  We are close to having a working prototype, and have been continuing testing during the quarantine times with the coronavirus.  I expect to be able to share more details by June.  The functionality is going to be seamless, and it will bring an entire new world of lighting options to Powered Up builders.

  • Hi All, one more update.  We've tested our prototype with the Powered Up system (trains, etc.) and this week tested with the Control+ system (larger receivers).  Because of how the Control+ hubs are designed, we needed to modify the design of our adapter slightly.  We've ordered some new prototypes and will report back on results when the arrive (~3 weeks).

  • Hi All, Is there any additional updates. Have you also looked into a converter to Female USB? The train kit light sets mostly plug into USBs but it is a waste not to use the Powered up port on the train already.


  • Phillip Chatoff We continue to work with options.  One challenge we ran into, that was quite unexpected, is that LEGO limit the amount of current coming from the battery box.  What this means is that even with an adapter, you're not able to power a large number of lights or accessories like sound modules using the Powered Up pack.  It's a real disappointment, as the old AAA battery boxes used to be able to deliver this power with no problem.  This has led us to put the adapter on the back burner-- still something we're looking at, but we like our accessories to be able to power large setups.

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