AT-AT 75313

Are you going to make a kit for the AT-AT 75313?

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  • It's definitely something we're considering for 2022, though we don't have the set and don't have plans (yet) to acquire it.  We have many kits in the queue to finalize once the parts shortages of 2021 ease up in early 2022, but we love how the AT-AT looks, and the sheer scale of the thing is incredible.

    Just to help us in our thinking: what specific features would you like to see in a kit for this set?  I know the other lighting companies are already churning out their usual hastily designed creations with lights that are too bright and lights in places there shouldn't be lights 馃槈 so we want to be thoughtful and as creative as possible in our approach.  One of the challenges with a set this large is that, at the end of the day, it's really a huge heap of gray bricks.  Of course lasers, laser sound, and walking sound are on the list, but what else inside the kit do you see that you think we could highlight to make something unique in the market?  When we don't have the set, we rely on our customers and fans to make suggestions.  Even the wildest ideas are welcome-- what would be your "dream list" of features for a light and sound kit for this behemoth?

  • It would be great if the rope Luke is hanging from would wind up/down on a remote button from the remote (bonus if the rope is wire and the lightsaber lights up too).  Like you said, laser cannons are obvious and I also agree about the interior is too bright on some of the other lighting sets out there for the interior.  I also don't like the wires on the cannons they do.  I like the embedded wiring like you have for the falcon cannons.

  • Heck, since you said wildest dreams, laser cannons that pull in/out with the blast.

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  • Hello everyone, well it's been a long weekend building our very own AT-AT!  We finally picked up the kit from LEGO and this past weekend I brewed a giant pot of coffee and have it pretty much completed.  WOW, what a model.  It's so much more impressive in person than it looked online, and of course actually putting something like this together yourself makes the process even more rewarding.

    Best of all, I think there is a ton of things we can implement as features-- lights of course, sound of course, and yes I think even cannon movement.  That's the hope at least!  Still need to finish the build, but then I'm going to dive into taking the head apart again and seeing if I can cram a motor inside there.  I'll post updates here, so stay tuned!

    In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this photo of my Springer Spaniel standing next to the in-process AT-AT.  I took this photo for my daughter, who's at college and who refused to believe the model was, in fact, almost as big as our dog.


    Thank you as always for your suggestions, patience, and support!

  • That is big. You have a cool job. I probably won't buy mine until next year but I can not wait until you come up with a kit.  I do like the idea David had about Luke being pulled up by motor. How about a motor on the Head so it can turn side to side.

  • Brad Johnston Definitely options we're looking at.  The Luke idea should be relatively easy, if people are willing to pay the extra cost for the motor (TBD).  As for the head, it's so heavy, and turns with such a strange mechanism, that it might not be possible to motorize it.  I'm still trying, but until you build it you don't realize a) just how heavy the head is, and b) how fragile the attachment mechanism is.  It doesn't look like the head moving mechanism was designed by LEGO to be turned more than a couple of times, infrequently.  Not sure the impact putting a strong enough motor behind that would have on the construction.  Continuing to test!

  • Rob Klingberg 


      is this project still active

    thank you

  • logan lucas Hi, yes, it definitely is!  We're trying out a servo in the head to make the cannons move-- that's one of the reasons things are taking longer than expected.  We really want to see if we can make this happen!  I promise I'll post updates when we have more info to share.

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  • Only replying as encouragement.

    Seeing y'alls work on the falcon made me buy the set (and will soon order your kit) then I had to search 75313 and 75252 in the now I have a spending problem and check your message boards weekly...

    Anyway - keep up the cool work. Looking forward to putting orders in.

  • Ben Holder Thank you for the encouragement and support!

  • hello ,

    you can put me first on your waiting list.

    I want to be the first to buy your kit from you. 馃榾

    I give you all my encouragement.

  • logan lucas Yes, definitely-- thank you!!

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