Creator Ecto-1 Kit: Remote Control Troubleshooting

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After completing installation of your Brickstuff light and sound kit for the LEGO Creator Ecto-1, some customers have reported that their remote control stops functioning.  This article will outline several steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue and get your remote to communicate once again.

First, make sure you have power connected to the main effect controller, and that power is turned on.  You should see the small green LED light light up on the main effect controller as shown by the red circle in the photo below.


If your green power LED light is not on, check your power source.  If you are still not able to get the green power light to turn on, contact us and we'll help.


Once you have confirmed that the power LED light is on, you can proceed to check operation of the blue "RF" LED light on the main effect controller.  Again with power turned on, press any of the buttons on your remote control transmitter.  The blue "RF" LED light on the main effect controller should turn on whenever any button is pressed, as shown by the red circle in the photo below.  NOTE: you may need to hold the remote at least 3ft/1m away from the receiver to get the light to activate when a button is pressed.


If this blue light is working and does turn on/off when you press/release a button on the remote control, it is possible that the master effects setting has been turned to "off".  To turn it back on again, press the "7" button on your remote.  Your Ecto-1 lights should resume their previous settings.


If this does not solve the issue, or if your blue "RF" LED light does not turn on when a button is pressed on the remote, check the back side of the effect controller and make sure the remote receiver is fully inserted into its socket as shown in the photo below.


As shown by the red oval on the left side of the photo, if the receiver is not fully inserted into its socket, the remote may not work.  Make sure your receiver is fully inserted as shown in the right side of the photo.

If the receiver is fully inserted but the blue "RF" LED light still does not turn on when a button is pressed on the remote, you will need to "re-associate" the remote with its receiver by following the steps below.


  1. With power turned on, press and hold the small white button on the remote receiver for 10 seconds, then release. This button is shown by the light blue oval in the photo above.  The red LED light on the receiver board should flash once (the red oval in the photo above shows where the red LED is on the receiver board).  This will remove any previous pairings from the receiver's memory.

  2. Wait a few seconds, and press and hold the white button again for 2 seconds, then release. The red LED on the receiver should flash again, and it should continue flashing.

  3. Press the "1" button on the remote, and release. The receiver should flash its red light again, then the light should turn off after a few seconds.  When the red LED light stops flashing, the receiver should have "re-learned" the pairing with the remote, and the two should now be connected.

If the above steps were successful, you should now be able to resume using your kit.  If you see any different behavior, such as the red LED not flashing after you hold the white button down for 2 seconds post-reset, contact us and we'll help.

NOTE: the timing on these button presses can be a little tricky, so you may need to try several times to get the receiver to see the remote. If after several times this still isn’t working, get in touch with us.

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