WIP Custom Millennium Falcon with full Interior

Hi all I am Star Wars nerd & LEGO addict since childhood, I have been wanting to build a custom LEGO Falcon with full Interior (Mini-fig Scale) for sometime, being a collector of vintage parts Star Wars props from the original trilogy movies I had a good idea of what I wanted and already had plenty of reference material, I started looking for inspiration from custom LEGO Falcon builds.

I finally decided to build the ESB version of the Falcon because the ANH 3x Landing Gear version would be to unstable to safely display a problem the film makers had with the original design and ESB is arguably the best Star Wars movie and fits well with my collection & displays.

I am drawing inspiration from ESB movie screen CAPS & reference photos, the Deagostini Millennium Falcon 1:1 replica of the original ESB 32" film model, the Haynes Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual Floor Plan along with custom LEGO Falcon builds from Marshall Banana & LDD design I purchased from Richboyjhae and my own design ideas.

Estimated Specs:

15k to 20k Pieces
30/32" x 23" Length & Width
25lbs Weight

I started planning the build a few months back and shortly after starting I came across Brickstuff's UCS Falcon light & sound kit and knew straight away I needed to include this in my custom Falcon, I placed my pre-order and contacted Brickstuff to order additional parts, Rob has been great with advice & help and asked if I would like to post about my build, which is how I find myself here...

I hope LEGO lovers here will enjoy following the build over the next few months as much as I will enjoy building.


WIP photos:

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  • Additional photos after packing away all the LEGO bags, sorry for the photo quality I am using a smart phone & the I think the flash / light meter was having a bad day...

  • Progress update:

    I added the Ramp Docking Ring structure and forward side panel & greebles, some of the pieces will need to be swapped out.

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  • Han & Chewie helping with testing Docking Ring options along with some Sub-Light Engine Grills & Landing Gear in the background and a few other items scattered around...

  • Update:

    I attached the rear side panels & did some testing for the sub-light engines, I think I will go with this design rather then the wall of 1x2 clear plates & droid arms as it looks closer to the original model.

    I did look through the window frames I was hoping to find a 1x1 or 1x2 window frame that would work but using 1x2 brick + 3x 1x1 clear plates was the best solution.

    If too much LED light is blocked from this design I will swap-out for the wall of 1x2 clear plates & droid arms.

  • Update:

    I decided to go with a slightly inaccurate Docking Ring as it's not circular with slopped sides but it's clean & I think I nice compromise.

  • I added the greebles to the rear side panels & finish building the Sub-light Engine Grill along with few more sections of the inner engine structure, I am waiting on more bricks to complete this section, but I think its coming along nicely 😀

  • Looks great, keep up the great work!

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  • Rob Klingberg Thanks Rob it's been a fun project, thanks for the help with the light & sound kit 👍

  • I finished the internal Sub-light Engine & Grill and attached the Flaps there are a few parts I still need to swap out but this section is finished... well with LEGO nothing is really ever finished lol!!

    Now to wait for more pieces to come-in (thank you COVID delays)

  • Ian Wow that's a lot of macaroni pieces on the back!  Looks great.

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  • Thanks Rob I was going to try & go with chrome macaroni pieces despite the cost but there was not that many in Australia so Light Bluish Grey it is :)

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  • I have been researching battery options where space is very limited because of the interior.

    Along with the TalentCell Battery Packs that @Rob had posted about I also found the Voltaic V25 6,400mAh USB Battery Pack which has a standard "Always On Feature"


    Size and Weight

        7.7 x 7.8 x 2.6 cm
        160 grams

    V25 USB Battery

        Capacity: 6,400mAh, 23 Watt Hours
        Output: 5V/2A , 3A max (2 outputs)
        MicroUSB Input: 5-6V/2A
        USB-C (Input Only): 5V/2A
        Battery Type: Li-Ion
        Protection: Short circuit over charge, over discharge, over temperature (35℃ Input Cutoff,     45℃ Output Cutoff), under temperature (0℃ Input Cutoff, -20℃ Output Cutoff)

    Always On Mode

    Battery features updated Always On technology as its standard state and will not shut off even if your device is drawing low or no power. There is no low current cutoff.

    The V25 is the smallest Pack and whilst it has 2x USB as @Rob has advise there will need to be 2x Packs to safely setup the light & sound kit.


    The only local retailer I found had no stock listed but I emailed & got lucky they had new stock, so I picked up 2x Voltaic V25 6400mAh USB Always On Battery Backup Power Banks.

    Now I need to find the space required, I have been building the lower hull sections & thought I would lay out before I started pulling apart & working on fitting in the batteries I have to gut & change most of the sections, OMG this will be huge...

  • Ian For the battery pack, what do you plan to have inside the section opposite the boarding ramp on the other side of the ship?  If that area will be empty, maybe it would be possible to place the battery there?

    What do you plan to do for external access to charging?

  • Thanks Rob in relation to the the lower hull section of the Docking Ring on the opposite side of the Ramp I have included the Upper Hatch Lift & Vertical Universal Docking Hatch which has taken up all the space apart from the structural support, which I had to modify.

    In relation to external access for charging the batteries, my plan is to hide the 2x USB Plugs behind the greebles on & around the rear wall of the rear Landing Gear box.

    I marked out my hardware location plan, I still need to make considerable modifications so the parts can fit whilst maintaining structural strength to hold the weight & trying to keep the build as close as possible to what is seen on the 32" screen model.

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  • Battery Update:

    I received the 2x Voltaic V25 6400mAh USB Always On Battery Backup Power Banks a nice little inclusion that I was not aware of in the kit is an USB Solar Charger which I will test & see if this is an option I can use, it would be an awesome way to never need to worry about the battery levels.

  • Ian Those really do look like nice little packs.

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  • Hardware Location Update:

    I have made progress ofver the past weeks after changing the hardware location plan due to the lack of space, the 2x speakers will now be located in the Front Landing Gear boxes and the 2x Batteries & Boards will be located in the Rear Landing Gear boxes.

    I also had to change the planned location for the Battery USB Plugs to between the side Access Corridors & Rear Landing Gear boxes, they sit nicely and should allow reasonably easy access for charging, I plan to add a hinged cover over the plugs.

  • Ian Looks like a great solution for the plugs.  Keep up the great work!  Excited to see this setup with some lights once you receive your kit. :-)

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