UCS Millennium Falcon kit - adding lightsabers?

I just put in an order for the Good vs. Evil Laser Sword 2-Pack.  I've seen a demo by BrickVault where they included this and it appeared to be plugged into the Millennium Falcon kit.

So my question is, am I able to use some open slots on the kit to plug in these sabers?

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  • Hi, and thanks for your question.  The Millennium Falcon kit includes two 24" cables and two 1:2 adapter boards in the Extra Parts bag.  You can use one of these adapters and the cables to create an extension wire setup leading from the Falcon to its exterior.  You can then use the wire to connect to the adapter board included with the light sabers, and you should be good to go!  Let us know if you have any questions or trouble.

  • Rob Klingberg Thank you...Is there a specific board that I should be plugging this one into? Does that matter?  Port side docking bay where most of the landing lights terminate?  The starboard stern open area where the main board is?  Depending on the board/port that I plug it into, is it controlled by one of the buttons on the remote, or are they always powered on when the set is powered up?

  • MS If you look at Step 86 in the Falcon install guide:


    Where the orange arrow shows the thick power cable connecting to the BRANCH04 adapter board inside the Falcon, what you could do is take one of the 24" cables from the Extra Parts bag, connect one end of that cable to where the thick cable is shown in Step 86, then connect one of the extra BRANCH04 adapter boards from the Extra Parts bag to the other end of the 24" cable.  You would then re-connect that thick cable to one of the other plugs on the BRANCH04 adapter, then use the second 24" cable to connect from the last open plug on the BRANCH04 to the adapter board included with the lightsabers.  This would produce an "always on" setup for the sabers.

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  • Hi Rob, thanks for the tips!  And thanks to your team for getting this addition to my kit to me so quickly!

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  • MS Looking good!  Enjoy!

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