Hogwarts Castle Light + Sound Kit Remote Operation

This guide describes the operation of the remote control included with the Brickstuff Light + Sound Kit for the LEGO® Hogwarts Castle.

The remote control included with your kit has four buttons, labeled A, B, C, and D.

 Each button has two functions, which can be activated with either a "short press" (less than one second) or a "long press" (2-3 seconds).


Button "A":

  • Short Press; turn the 9-light string of street lamps on or off.
  • Long Press: turn the main castle courtyard light on or off.


Button "B":

  • Short Press: turn the lights inside the Main Hall and the clock tower lights on or off.
  • Long Press: turn the interior lights on or off.


Button "C":

  • Short Press: turns the color-changing spotlights on or off.
  • Long Press: changes the pattern of the color-changing spotlights (spotlights need to first be "on" in order to change the pattern.  Version 1 of the Brickstuff kit includes the following lighting patterns for the color-changing spotlights:
    • Fade between Hogwarts House colors
    • White
    • Switch between Hogwarts House colors
    • Fire
    • Rainbow color cycling
    • Rainbow color cycling with sparkling lights
    • Rainbow color cycling with fading

Button "D":

  • Short Press: plays one of the music files loaded on the sound module.  You can change the music files loaded onto your sound module by reading this guide.
  • Long Press: turns the playing of random sound effects on and off.  You will hear two beeps played when the random sound effect mode is turned on, and you will hear one beep when random sound effect mode is turned off.  When random sound effects are turned on, one or more sound effect will play every 10-20 seconds.


Notes About Sounds

  1. Random sound effects will not play when a music file is playing.  Random sound effects will resume after the music file has finished playing.
  2. While music files can be of any length, if a music file is longer than 60 seconds in length and when random sound effect mode is on, music files will be interrupted by random sound effects.  If you have a music file that is longer than 60 seconds in length, you can turn off random sound effect mode before playing a music file, then turn random sound effect mode back on after the music file has finished playing.


General Remote Control Information

The remote control transmitter is linked to its receiver.  This means that the remote receiver will not accept signals from any other remote controls.

If you lose your remote control, or if you would like to use multiple remotes with your Hogwarts kit, we can sell you additional remote transmitters and these can be configured to work with the receiver in your castle.  Contact us through our website for details and pricing.

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