who am i?

I am Jim and I'm addicted to lighting.  I have been using Brickstuff lights for the past 3 years or so.  My latest creation was the City of Lights layout for 2016 Brickworld Chicago.  All the existing LEGO modular buildings were in the layout as well as a few MOCs.

I also like to work on Trains and light them as well.

- JimP

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  • Hi Jim, Looks excellent, amazing to see all these lights...!!!

  • Hi Jim, welcome and your stuff looks awesome! I think there are a lot of builders in The Netherlands that would like to do the same with their buildings.

  • Jim, you could do city workshops in Europe!  I'll come along too, of course!  Any reason to visit Europe!


  • What a reaction from just a few days ago!  So Rob I hear your going to Utrecht later this year  :)

  • Mayyybbeeee.....
  • I was asked to count the lights in my City of Lights layout and the current number is 754!

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  • Jim Pirzyk Now THAT is impressive.  I haven't counted, but you're well ahead of me. 

    The next logical question is: are photos of this magnificent application shared anywhere?

  • Paul George Yes everywhere :) See the City of Lights link above.

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