Lighting for CREATOR Carousel (#10257)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the early summer round of new LEGO set releases!  We just finished building the new Carousel.  While it's considerably smaller and less complex than the first iteration (#10196 Grand Carousel, released in 2009), it's also a lot more sturdy. 😀

Having built it, the question of course, is: HOW TO LIGHT IT?  We're already dissecting it and believe there is a perfect opening (literally) for a slip ring, which would allow power to pass from the base (externally powered) into the rotating elements.  This opens up all kinds of possibilities.  We're planning to move quickly with this one, so look for pre-order information soon!

In the meantime, what's your wish list for lights and effects for this model?  Let us know!

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  • Oooh, a blank canvas - and I'm waiting for 'double points' to purchase for the fun-land theme area.

    I'd think a down-facing pico over each of the moving "seats" animals (as to eliminate any shadows over riders).  

    Some sprinkled controller-driven lights around the upper (and even lower) perimeter, but looking at all those trans-yellow round plate "lights," there's a TON which may not be practical... and could be almost too bright.  From photos, I'm counting ~28 yellow 'lights' on the upper, and ~56 on the lower steps... would be nutty, but in the "real" county fair world, every one of those darn things would be lit -- though at this scale and with 28? gauge wire, and the associated light load, that poses its own challenges of 84+ pico lights.

    Surprised they didn't have anything on the top, just to faux light the height of this beauty.  Maybe a pico at the top, by inserting something between the dish and flag pole with a single trans round 1x1 plate?  (Though yes, in that case, I would commit the atrocity of drilling a hole in the dish to pass it through.)

    But man oh man, there are oodles of possibilities... and a controller that could "chase" the lights forward with the movement of the carousel, opposite, fast or slow flash patterns a la the ferris wheel, etc.

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  • Paul George Great suggestions as always!  We're leaning toward the, "if you're going to make a light kit, make the most amazing one possible," which would involve tackling most of those trans-yellow plates.  Need to keep an eye on price as labor costs would rise quickly.  Keep the ideas coming!


  • Rob Klingberg Well, in that case... ;)  

    My typical mantra -- being practical -- is thinking in terms of what can be accomplished at a price point not to exceed the set's sell price.  (Leveraging my past example: the wife wanted a fire place gas insert.  Asking price was $3500.  Fine, I'm quite fond of my bride.  Plumbers quoted $4200, $4700, and $1200 to run the gas line for it.  The low quote guy: "I know better than to price out my services more than the product they're supporting."  (He was also the only one to do it as a short point-to-point install, versus wrapping 120+ feet of iron around outside the house; dingbats.)

    So if we're going all out: light 'em all, with a controller that creates some movement (maybe upper yellows to sync with the top steps of the platform).  I'm torn on if ALL step / lower should blink in sequence versus perhaps a lower step solid (dimmed?).  Just to minimize a causation of seizures in adorable children.

    It's just a ton of lights, like, 100-ish?

    As much as I'd be all for other colors, it seems the more classic look for a carousel is all clear (warm white) lighting... or so Google images results for "carousel" are suggesting, a la: 

  • Paul George You're right, we could really go to town on the lights.  We're currently looking at several options/avenues-- look for more updates soon!

  • In the interest of open conversation... :)

    1. Don't forget about the little red and green operator lights...

    2. Would be a shame to waste the potential of the central "mirrors". If nothing else indirect lights would cast cool shadows as the animals circle around. Cooler would be to swap out the flat white 1x4 "railings" on the upper level closest to the center with the 1x4 w/ 2 knobs (Element 4597131 Design number 92593) and place a pico light beneath a transparent round 1x1 on either end. The lights would sort of sparkle as they catch the reflections in the "mirrors".

    3. Something maybe on top of the gold cones scattered around the base would be interesting too. It would be a contrast to light the non-moving section against the rotating base.

    Just throwing random thoughts out there...

  • Lisa Sullivan Great suggestions, Lisa!  I especially like the idea for the railings near the mirrors.  That would definitely look amazing.  Food for thought-- I'll need to try out your ideas on our shop model!

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  • Awesome perspective -- and cards on the table, I am/was speaking solely from photos.  (I'm holding my cash until double VIP points... selfish, but nearly enough for the next Modular now.) 😉

    Man, now that I see the operator red/green... so, we get a motion sensor, and based on the movement of the carousel, have the light correspond (fancy, eh?).  When in motion, green, stopped, red... or vice versa as to what light indicates the available action.  But that's getting zealous.

    I'm intrigued with Lisa Sullivan 's suggestion to hit the mirrors.  I can't tell from the photos if there's any real estate at the base of those delicious railing portions to do a hidden "up" light, so one pico vs two, so we'd get the pops of sparkle, but with the obscured hidden light source, it may be more apt to flash with some subtly.

    Or if nothing at the base, pop a plate under the gold railing - modified, something like this...?  (I wish I could find all my "neat stuff" parts, as I think this could look even less clunky with a "Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Clip on Top" (Bricklink pn 92280) with a"LegoPlate, Modified 1 x 2 with Handle on Side - Free Ends" (2540) snapped in and angled upward).

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  • Since there are so many of the trans yellow "lights" around the outside, I wonder if fiber optic strands could lessen the work load and keep the lights from being too bright. It would be more difficult to make them chase that way, though, and I am a big fan of the chasing lights. It would also be cool to make the carousel play a song. We're already putting lights in and hooking them to a power source, so may as well go all the way.

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