Millennium Falcon 1/2 Branch 11 board

Hi guys

First timer here.  I recently received my January light kit and super fired up.  Just started first step, however when I opened the Main Control and Connecting Parts bag, I don't see the 1/2 Branch 11 boards.  Instead I have two Branch 18 boards and a Branch 4 board

Have I missed something?  anyone else see something similar?





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  • Hi Marty, thanks for your message.  Yes, we switched to including BRANCH18 boards instead of the 1/2 BRANCH11's.  There should have been a little insert in your instructions about this (we'll make the update official when we print our next batch of booklets), but if not, my apologies!  You can use the BRANCH18's just like the 1/2 BRANCH11's (plugs and number of plugs are identical).  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Thank you again!

  • Rob Klingberg 

    Thanks Rob, much appreciated!  As info, I have triple checked and don't see an insert, so just a heads up on the next batch.

    Aain, thanks

  • Martin Clifford Thanks for letting us know.

  • Hi Thanks for this as I have just started and found exactly the same, no insert in the kit does anyone have any pictures of how to connect and also best locations for siting them in falcon

  • gary chapman Just catching your separate question, and yup - it's the same great board with a new delicious flavor. 

    I regret I don't have the Falcon or I'd post up photos, but size-wise, it's the same; in terms of design, it should be a bit more low-profile in that it won't have all the wires jutting upward.  Connections, voltage, etc., are all the same; the plugs just angle to the size versus straight up and down.

  • gary chapman Hi Gary, here is an article that will help:

    All plugs are electrically connected to each other, so you can use any of them.  You don't have to match the exact plug in the instructions.

    Let me know if this helps, thanks!

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