How to request a special order cable?

Rob - how do I request (I understand at extra cost) an additional spare 12, 24 or 36" 4-wire connecting cable with flat female plugs already attached at both ends? Thank you.

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  • Hi Richard, I think you just did. :-)  Just so I understand, you'd like a 4-wire female-to-female extension cable, basically?  12" is easy to make, as is 24".  36" requires a bit more work, as we'd need to solder an extra wire section in the middle, but we could certainly make it if you needed it.  Just let me know what you'd like, and I can send a PayPal estimate via e-mail.  If all looks good to you, we can turn it into an invoice and get underway!

  • Rob Klingberg  Perfect! Thanks. How about two 24" cables; 4-wire female-to-female connectors. My sharp fingernail slipped and cut a wire. Bummer! Please take your time - no rush. I used the spare cable in the set (and thank you so much for including it). Please send the PayPal invoice whenever it's convenient for you. Still in the process of building Disney Castle - but Level 1 lighting worked perfectly the first time I tested.

  • Richard Chewning Great, we can make these for you.  Just to make sure we're both talking about the same connectors, it's these you want, yes?

      Two of these, each 24" in length?

  • Rob Klingberg Thanks, Sir! Actually, it was a flat white 3 or 4 pin female wire connector on both ends rather then the square white-dot female connector as shown. I've attached the Branch 09X board picture from your instructions where I actually broke a wire [on the output plug]. All that being said and after much consideration, perhaps it would be best to ask you to do one of each type connector - 24" each: one wire with the flat white 4-pin connector on one end and black (with white dot)  square connector (as shown above) on the other; and the second cable with the flat white 4-pin connector on both ends (see attached picture). That way I would have a spare of each type. Is this possible, or too much to ask? I don't wish to cause your wonderful company excessive grief and I apologize for not knowing the exact terminology. Wire color doesn't matter. And I look forward to receiving the Ghostbuster's wiring kit which I ordered over the weekend. Thanks for the discount! Richard

  • Richard Chewning Thanks for the reply-- glad I asked about the plug type!  We don't have a female-to-female for the type of large plugs that are on the BRANCH09X board, but we do have a "Y" adapter with those plugs, which is basically just the adapter you're looking for with one extra plug.  Here's what it looks like:

    With these you can just use our standard 3-wire connecting cables and these boards to extend the run of cables as needed.

    These are stock parts, which is even better.  Would this work for you?  We can sell you the adapters in packs of 2, and then the cables are available in 1.5", 12", or 24" lengths.

    Hopefully this will work for you-- please let me know.  Thanks!

  • Hello, Rob:

    I wanted to share with you my additions to the Disney Castle with Brickstuff components. Coming off the Trunk 08 Master Controller, Port #1 (clock); (using a 5-port standard connector, extension wires, 2 port connectors and a second 5-port), I added two warm white strip lights in the center of the light tan 2x16 plates (building instructions steps 209-211 and 212-215) - to better light the rooms on each side of the entrance area tile mosaic floor. I also added  white bit spotlights (by inverting the skeleton arm and light) to the lateral (or castle wall end) of each of these same 2x16 beams to illuminate the "shield display" on the right inside wall and Aladdin's magic carpet on the left inside wall. I relocated Cinderella's lovely glass slipper case to a spot adjacent to the grandfather clock where the slipper is nicely illuminated by the overhead added strip light. (I felt that hiding the slipper case under the removable roof in the compartment on the right side of the second floor was just 'not right'!) To the second floor, I illuminated the Beast's "Rose" by placing a bit light between an added green flower tile and red flower tile in the flower case (step #520) and routed the wire to the room/roof space (step #500) on the right side of the second floor where I also routed an added bit light wire from the "Magic" room. I felt the Magic Room was too dark. I had a left-over Brickstuff table lamp from another project and an extra part to create a table for the lamp, which I placed just to the right of the arch above (step # 561, looking from the front at the right hand arch serving as the ceiling divide between the magic room and the spinning room. An option would be to place a bit light underneath the center of this arch using a sticky square (but I happened to have a table and lamp available). Both this bit wire and the rose light wire were routed to the room (step #500) where Cinderella's slipper was to reside (as above) to a 4-point pico connector and then to the outside using a standard connecting wire which eventually connects to the added 5-port from the Trunk 08 Master (one port of this connector is of course, used to reconnect the clock!). It's a lot of wires, so using some extra 1x2, 1x4 and 1x6 flat tiles and 1x1 bricks, I created a "false floor" on the first floor roof to hide many of the wires and neaten things up. (I moved the archery set and target to the first floor room to the left of the tiled entrance, where the set is nicely illuminated by the added overhead strip light. I hope Robin Hood doesn't mind.) 

    At some point I hope you can re-imagine your sound component using a micro San-disk card so that additional full-length recordings can used. I placed a single lovely recording of Beauty and the Beast on mine which was all the space allotted. Your 3-watt speaker is really  quite nice! That's really my only complaint. (Have to have at least one, right?)

    So, if you create a version 3 - the above are my suggestions. Thanks for offering such a good product. I have no doubt that your engineering skills could improve my connection suggestions. So to take apart my version of the Castle, I have to disconnect the two 4-point connectors, the fireworks cable, and one cable from the "under-roof" room on the right hand side of the second floor. A total of 2 WW light strips, 2 bit lights, 2 white spotlights, and...

    Finally, I added one more set of lights (borrowed from LMB) to illuminate the backdrop of the Wicked Brick display case for the Disney Castle. The huge case has a backdrop of blue with fireworks, so I wired in a pair of LMB multi-colored strip lights(RGB) built as adjustable spotlights on to the backdrop. I placed these along the back edges of the first floor on each side, pointed at an angle up to the backdrop. One could also use additional Brickstuff RGB spotlights, in this regard (I think)! 

    And thanks for all your help.

    Richard (age 71, retired physician)

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