Lego Falcon #75192 battery power for lights/sound?

Hello.  I am awaiting your light and sound premium kit with the USB cables for the Falcon 75192.  In your video, you show how the speakers can be tucked inside a gap to be inconspicuous.  I would like to power the lights and sound card with a USB battery pack/charger.  Just a small one (i.e. 2,600 or 5,000 mAh) that can also be inconspicuous.   However, I don't know if the 2.4A (5V) output from the devices I've seen is enough to power the lights AND sound from one device with 2 USB ports.  A battery pack with two 2.4A USBs usually will go down to 1.2A each if two devices are plugged in, correct?  I'd really like to have internal power with the Falcon so I can just hit the remote control to power it on with no external wires plugged into the wall.  Any thoughts on a SMALL power pack?  If I need to buy 2 devices, one for light AND one for sound, that's fine.  I was hoping to tuck them into the front left and right mandibles of the Falcon so they wouldn't be seen.  Do you make something like this?  Or know where I can look?  What kind of total output power do I need?  Thank you for reading this, and I look forward to receiving your kit soon!

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  • Hello and thank you for your message.  Each "channel" in the Falcon kit (light and sound) needs at least 1A, so 2A total (in practice, probably a little more).  The issue comes with the fact that the power supplies need to be isolated and separated from one another, or problems can occur.  Here's an article we wrote last year describing the issue:

    So, two separate supplies are needed.  You can absolutely use two separate USB battery banks, but you need to find banks that have a physical on/off switch.  Most banks have a pushbutton switch that turns power on, but then the packs will automatically switch off if they sense there is no power draw.  So for example, in your kit, if you had the sounds off for a time (which is how they usually are), the bank connected to the sounds would turn off.  Not the kind of behavior you're looking for.

    At our shows and in our displays, we use battery banks from Talentcell.  These have on/off rocker switches and they stay "on" even when no power is being drawn, as long as the physical switch is set to "on".

    Here's a link to some Talentcell packs on Amazon:

    If space was no option, this is the pack I'd recommend:

    Not cheap, but runs like a tank and lasts forever.  We've been using these at our shows for years and they power a bunch of models for days.

    Two of these will not fit into the Falcon, however.  I haven't explored other Talentcell packs, so I can't say for certain which two will fit inside.

    If anyone else has experimented with and found a suitable pack that fits inside the Falcon, please let us know!

  • Hey, Rob, fantastic!  Thanks for your detailed explanation.  Here's the one I found thanks to your advice.  I bought two.  Will just need to figure out how best to install them...

  • Vince Lombardo Great, let me know how those packs fit into the Falcon.

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    I have also been researching battery options for my custom Falcon with full interior where space is very limited because of the interior.

    Along with above mentioned TalentCell 12V 3000mAh Battery Pack I have also found the Voltaic V25 6,400mAh USB Battery Pack which has a standard "Always On Feature"

    Size and Weight

        7.7 x 7.8 x 2.6 cm
        160 grams

    V25 USB Battery

        Capacity: 6,400mAh, 23 Watt Hours
        Output: 5V/2A , 3A max (2 outputs)
        MicroUSB Input: 5-6V/2A
        USB-C (Input Only): 5V/2A
        Battery Type: Li-Ion
        Protection: Short circuit over charge, over discharge, over temperature (35℃ Input Cutoff, 45℃ Output Cutoff), under temperature (0℃ Input Cutoff, -20℃ Output Cutoff)

    Always On Mode

    Battery features updated Always On technology as its standard state and will not shut off even if your device is drawing low or no power. There is no low current cutoff.

    The V25 is the smallest Pack and whilst it has 2x USB as @Rob has advise above there will need to be 2x Packs to safely setup the light & sound kit.

    The only local retailer I found has no stock.

    I also fond a lipstick style USB Power Bank (3350 mAh) sold by a local LEGO kit seller they claim it has an on/off button I have messaged seeking confirmation that the battery is "always on" regardless of low or no draw.

  • Ian Great find on the Voltaic pack!  Thanks for sharing.  That does look like a great little device, and the "always on" feature is just what you need to keep the Falcon running.  As for lipstick packs, I've never found one with an always on feature-- they do have on/off switches but all of the ones I've used have an auto-off feature after a period of low/no power use.  If you do find one with an "always on" feature, do let us know.

    Also, if you do pick up those Voltaic packs, let us know where inside the Falcon you found room for them!

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