Packet missing in transit (since Feb 22) & now delivered to wrong recipient?


I placed an order (No. 1418212975) on Feb 20th 2021 and two days later it was shipped via USPS. I live in Norway, but the package has apparently been delivered to someone in Cincinnati, USA on March 7th?


Two emails to have not been answered (one sent today, to other was sent 5 days ago). Any suggestions as to how to resolve this and to contact support? Do I have to call them via phone?

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  • Hi Jens, thanks for your post.  For some reason I am unable to find any e-mails from you in our support system, but I'm happy to help with your question.

    Your package is not missing, nor has it been delivered.  If you check the status directly on the US Postal Service website, you will see that it is in transit to the destination.  The last update was 10 days ago, which is when it left the USA, and we will likely not receive any additional information about your package until it reaches you-- such is the nature of first class mail.  It is common with current volumes for first class mail packages to take 3-4 weeks to your country, so I have every confidence your package is moving along.  We just won't have any more visibility to it until it arrives.

    If you do not see it by the end of March, please let us know and we will issue a tracking request (the requirement is a minimum of 30 days passed since shipment to open such an inquiry).

    Thank you.

  • I knew it! The second I get a reply, the tracking will update! 😉

    Just today I received notification that the package has arrived in Norway. FYI: when looking at the USPS tracking via mobile, it clearly says that the package was delivered. I'm enclosing a screenshot of what I saw yesterday. No wonder I got worried?

    I sent emails from my gmail account (the on registered in this forum), so I guess the emails got caught in a spam folder? Anyway - my parts arrive soon, so I'm happy again 😀

  • Jens C Brynildsen Haha yes, as soon as the post office knows we are talking about them, they move our packages along! Glad you are getting more data. Thank you for sharing that screenshot from your phone-- yes, I can definitely see how you would have been concerned! That is so strange-- is that just Google's built-in tracking, or did you go to the actual website and enter your tracking info? That's what I did to give you the update yesterday.

  • Rob Klingberg It's actually Google offering to check it straight on their site. They offer to check it before you go to the USPS site itself. I can only guess that this is condoned and verified by USPS? On the USPS website it says that the package DEPARTED Cincinnati on that date. Guess I'll not let Google check things like this for me the next time.

    One thing - I forgot to order a power source, but anything 5V (like a USB adapter) is fine, right?

  • Jens C Brynildsen So strange about Google's reporting compared to the "official" source.  Seems like they still have a little work to do on how their data is shown. :-)

    For power, you can use any 5V power source, yes.  Ideally you'd use our USB power cord, but judging from the product assortment you purchased, you are likely comfortable soldering.  If not, then definitely ordering a USB cable would be a good idea.

    Thank you again for your purchase-- let us know how you like those new LED filaments!

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  • Rob Klingberg Yeah. I make electronics for a living, so no worries. I also found 5V mentioned several places & tried the gear out. Extremely happy with the LED filaments! Such a nice glow?

    I'm very happy with the parts I got! I've sampled the market (Vonado, Kyglaring, Lightailing & LightMyBricks) and BrickStuff has by far the highest quality of them all. The 0.8mm JST plug compatibility is also very clever. 

    I'm also impressed by all the features squeezed into the RF remote. Well done! 

  • Jens C Brynildsen Thank you very much.  Interesting comment on the 0.8mm plugs.  In fact it was us who invented that entire standard: plug size, polarity, wire gauge, everything.  Back in 2011.  Others have copied us, so i guess it's nice to say we have created the global standard? :-)

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  • Rob Klingberg aha! I only discovered this recently and I thought it was this larger plug that was from Brickstuff. But did you start with the larger and then add the smaller 0.8 JST? It looks like the larger is on all controllers and that the smaller is only via the 1:2 extension boards? 

  • Jens C Brynildsen Oh - or are they both 0.8 mm JST variants? I found that the one you use for the Pico LEDs are called JST SUR/SUH?

  • Jens C Brynildsen Actually the larger plugs are part of the SH series.  We started out with both for reasons that relate to max current carrying capacity.  The 0.8mm plugs are rated for a lower current-carrying capacity than the larger plugs, so in our system the large plugs are the equivalent of the big power lines in a regular power system, and the small plugs are for "local" or "last mile" connections (i.e., to LEDs) where the requirements to carry large currents are not present.  We've always aimed for large-scale installations, so some of our customers have 1000 or more LEDs-- this would overload the 0.8mm connectors and could potentially cause a hazard.

    This is not talked about enough in the community, where customers using the other systems may be putting their large installations at risk.

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  • Right. I have not found the limitation of these tiny wires yet, but it makes a lot of sense. They are indeed quite thin! 😀

    Thanks Rob!

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