Millennium Falcon Engine Sound Issue


I've recently installed the version 2 light and sound kit on my Falcon.  Once complete and powered up, I tested all the options.  All lights worked fine, ramp and majority of sounds.

When trying the engines, the failed start engine sounds work fine, and the powering up of the engines sounds good right up to the point that you would enter hyperspace and go into fly by mode.  At this point the sound fails and becomes just a harsh noise for about 5 seconds before cutting out completely.  The engine lights continue to glow, however all sound stops.  

It kind of seems like a corrupt audio file stopping playback as all other sounds through the engine speaker seems fine.  Is this a recognizable issue?

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  • Hi, this is caused by an insufficient supply of power.  Telltale sign is that everything works well until the engine lights come on, at which point the total power consumption rises exponentially, causing the sound modules to not receive enough power.

    Are you using two *separate* power supplies as outlined in the instructions?

    More information is in this knowledge base article:

  • Power does appear to be the issue.  Interestingly the power block I was using has 2 USB slots but using both of those delivers too little power, however plugging an adapter into one of the standard sockets on the same block and plugging one of the USBs in there, it works fine.


  • Hi. In case anyone else encounters this problem as well, I wanted to share that power was the issue for me as well, but oddly for the opposite reason. I was using an Apple iPad charger for one of the connections, but it supplies 5.1V. I noticed in the Brickstuff FAQ that you should not plug in a power supply of more than 5V, so  I changed to a 5.0V charger and it now works! Amazing what 0.1V too much can do. (And super glad I didn't accidentally burn out the boards! Whew!)

  • Jeremy Denegar Very interesting, thank you for sharing this information.  And of course happy things are working for you now!

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