Light Kit for the LEGO Crocodile Locomotive #10277

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share some news about our tinkering with the beautiful LEGO Crocodile locomotive #10277.  Many have posted videos online with ideas about lighting it up and adding either a LEGO Power Functions or Powered Up motor.

We wanted to try something a little different.  In the video above,  you can see a couple things:

  1. True, prototypical directional headlights with European-style red lights activated on the reverse end opposite the direction of travel.
  2. Directional interior headlights.
  3. Operation from one 9V battery inside the cab.
  4. Control using our new RF remote for direction, speed, coasting, and emergency stop.

(by the way, a LEGO Power Functions Medium Motor is inside the cab)

Call us crazy, but we just like having something physical to hold in our hands vs. using our phone for train control.  We're aiming to create a simple, low-cost motor controller for LEGO trains that uses our standard RF remote (with a range of over 50ft and pairing for security), provides directional headlight control, and which can operate from a variety of power sources.  Currently we've tested with these sources:

  • LEGO Power Functions battery
  • 9V battery (standard and LiPo rechargeable)
  • LiFe 7.7v battery (typically used for R/C planes and drones)
  • 6x AA battery pack
  • 6x AAA battery pack

Although we haven't yet tested it, operation using LEGO 9V track power, 12V track power, or larger LiPo batteries should be possible.

We're very early in the development of this system, but we thought the Croc was a great first use of it.

So, what does the broader train community think of this idea?  Is it something you would like to see made commercially available for other train uses?  Let us know, and also let us know of any features you would see as advantages or disadvantages.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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