NaMaLiCS Tutorial Supplement 1, Magnetic Connectors

When switching from programming the BrickPixel 9-LED testbed to verifying the program with the larger National Mall testbed, I have to swap what the BrickPixel shield is connected to.  I have proven to be all thumbs when it comes to plugging and unplugging connection wires.  To minimize my impact on wires or more importantly the BrickPixel hardware, I'm using the Brickstuff's new horizontal magnetic power connectors.

The image above shows the normal version of the connector used for running power only.  There is also a version for the BrickPixel system that sends both power AND programming over the connection wires.

I have encased both sides of the connector in a housing that is easy to install when building the base area for each section of the Mall.

And changing the testbeds is as easy as pulling the magnetic connector apart and swapping the testbeds.

[ the BrickPixel 9-LED testbed]


[ the National Mall testbed]

But the real reason for using the magnetic connectors is this:

[ this video was done two years ago with an earlier version of the magnetic connector]

I currently have 38 sections that comprise the Mall when assembled.  The magnetic connectors noticably shorten the setup time required.

Next post, back into the code.


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