New to brickstuff, got some questions and ideas

To whoever reads this, hello! My name is Donovan, and I first learned of brickstuff from the youtube channel Sariel's Lego Workshop, which I imagine surprises no one. He has used many of your products to incredible effect, and I think his use of them very well highlights how convenient, powerful, and versatile they are, especially compared to LEGO's current approach to lighting. I was something of a lego purist, but seeing how much more can be done with your lights is playing a major role in helping me break from that mentality.

The Lego Technic flagship set of this year is going to be a functional, remotely operated model of the VOLVO A60H articulated hauler. It appears to be built to the same scale as the Lego Technic 42030 VOLVO L350F wheel loader model from 2014, which I still have in complete working order. Excited to use the two together, I'm planning a slew of mods for the latter to make it look and work better; I'm currently developing a prototype of an attachment coupling bracket.

I have a few pairs of PF LEDS installed in the head and taillights, and they work well enough, but I think your products would be much better here. I plan to create turn signals with the help of your SEED07 Power Functions Power Source v2 (Variable Outputs) and put one of your orange rotating beacons atop the cab, once I decide on size.  Also, if I can nail down a robust attachment bracket design (and figure out a way to remotely operate its lock), I'd like to power lights in certain attachments, such as a snowplow, through your 2-pin vertical power connector, to eliminate manual intervention (bet you didn't think of it being used for that, did you?). Thing is, I really want to power my modded 42030 with a Buwizz 2.0 unit. Given its high voltage, I don't know if I should be worried about powering brickstuff products with it. Here are the Buwizz 2.0's tech specs:

Max continuous current per channel: 4 A
Max instantaneous current per channel: 6.5 A
Max continuous power per channel: 36 W (HIGH speed mode)
Max instantaneous power per channel: 55 W (HIGH speed mode)
Max total power: 45 W

SLOW: 5.2 V
FAST: 9.2 V

I'd also like to be able to remotely turn the turn signals on and off independently of the steering motor.  Any idea how I might do that, considering they'll be powered and operated through the SEED07 power source, which will most likely be connected to either an Sbrick or Buwizz 2.0 unit?

Any response would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Hi Donovan Ellis , welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing your ideas.  Yes, we are quite excited for the new Volvo hauler.  As a matter of fact, we will be releasing an entirely new power system next month that will work with PF and which will provide automatic turnsignals and reverse lights complete with the ability to control via the PF power supply of your choice (including BuWizz).  This new system is our Intelligent Power system, and it will replace the PF power supply with variable outputs.  Stay tuned for more specifics about the system, and we will be releasing the first components of the system in the next several weeks.  Long term, the plan is to incorporate seamless connections to PoweredUp/Control+ and ideally even EV3 as well.  It's going to be the best and most feature-rich lighting control platform for Technic builders.

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