Problem with PF power source and V2 receiver

I'm powering a model of an articulated  steam engine with two Lego L motors.  The motors are controlled by a  V2 IR receiver.   They run as they should until the PF power source is connected,  at which point they  stop.   If  a standard receiver is substituted everything works as it should.   Problem is the standard receiver is not an option due to overheating when run for extended periods of time in train service.  Is there a cure for this problem?

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  • Hi Karle Mahler , thanks for your post.  Unfortunately we have not found a way around this problem.  I know Jim Pirzyk was having the same issue, but we never got down to isolating it.  There should be no reason it shouldn't work, but as you say, it does not.  I know the V2 receivers are rare, and I believe LEGO stopped making them because of the kinds of issues you described.  If Jim has any insights, hopefully he will post here.

    If you would like to return the power supply, you can certainly do so and we'll give a refund.  I don't have a V2 receiver so I've also been unable to test.  Sorry about the trouble!

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  • Rob Klingberg 

    Thanks for your response.  I found that if the PF power supply is plugged into the unused V2 port it will control the lights,  albeit, manually.  You are correct about the V2 receivers no longer being in production, but new ones can still be had, for a price.  Past experience  with "scale", 8 wide  Lego  trains demands the use of the higher power output of the V2 if the engine is run for any length of time with a load.

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  • Karle Mahler Thanks for the update.  I'm glad it will work in your setup, even though the controls aren't automatic.

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  • So my issue maybe slightly different.  I was able to use the v2 IR receiver with this pf adapter cable:

    But I could not get it working with the Variable source adapter cable.

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  • Good to know,  but at this point it seems that I have the functionality  I want.  The unlooked for manual control of the lights may turn out to be an operational plus.

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