Hurrah! Vertical Power Connectors!

First, kudos and happy dance on the release of the Vertical Power Connectors!

... but no more three-packs?  Was it a super teeny initial offering, or am I just that asleep at the switch?  ;)

I know a certain Ninjago City, a Downtown Diner, and even perhaps a stadium that are ready to roll (and the one-pack just seems like a cruel waste of Ziploc packaging).  

But back to the first through: HURRAH!!!!!

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  • Glad you are liking the connectors!  It wasn't a tiny offering-- we made almost 100 sets (not a small undertaking in terms of manual labor assembly time), and I'm shocked to see them all sold out tonight.  We'll make more, but it will take two weeks or so.  We're thrilled they are so popular.  Time to ramp up production!

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  • And it was not me!  I wanted to get some as well :(  At first I will want to get just 1 set of 3 but if they work out as I hope they will, I will want to retrofit all my Modulars!

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  • ... and I'm equally shocked.  I mean, it's great you've got such a following of loyal customers, but I'm a bit disappointed - I wouldda thought these were just being built for Jim and I.  😉

    I'll be standing by; the 5 or so I saw yesterday (but paused on my power inquiry) are all gone.  Man, back to hawk-like watching...

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