Directional locomotive headlights

My first post here :)

My primary hobby is trains and naturally this carried over into my LEGO creations, and I wanted working headlights in all of my LEGO trains.

Recently I made a large (for me) purchase from Brickstuff and went about putting headlights in three of my four trains that didn't already have them fitted, two of which have directional headlights. The attached video is a quick sample video using the locomotive from LEGO set 60052.

The Brickstuff setup is powered using the variable output power supply, with four static lights (two white, two red) and an effects controller on the forward channel for the flashing ditch lights. On the rear channel are two static lights.

When I first put the lights together I was having some issues with the effects controller changing the effect every time it was turned on, but some troubleshooting emails back and forth and eventually Rob sent out some capacitors to fix the problem, which worked brilliantly.

The directional setup is also used in the passenger train from set 60051, with the appropriate headlights and tail lights lighting up depending on the direction (as well as static interior lighting).

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  • Looks great! Nice work, Alex!

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  • Nice!  Makes me want to get out my PF Variable power source cable and put it to good use, just have to decide which engine, and finding the room!

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