Best long-wire ideas?

In my infinite wisdom, I've got the carnival land (working title: Liberty Park) on a 8-foot x 30-inch oblong-ish table top.  That was my first mistake, but we won't solve that here.

To get power to the far reaches of this thing, I've been using 24-inch extension wires strung together, but wanted to ask if anyone's tried longer dedicated wire runs -- and if so, how?  Do you cut-and-splice for longer wires, join with the various BRANCH boards, or...?

It's not an immediate need, but looking to sort it out. 

Use case: the 3450 Statue of Liberty is at the corner of Liberty Park, standing 4-ish feet from the infrared wireless controller, and her torch is another 30 or so inches from the tabletop. Thinking of four picos and a 4 port expansion adapter (which I term a "2:4 adapter") within the arm or torch, and just need to run the single supply down the back and along the table to the controller... whose job it shall be manage the flicker effect.

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  • Hi  Paul George , customers looking for longer cables take one of two approaches:

    1. Use our DIY Cables combined with some electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing and some zip cord to make their own cables of any length.
    2. Ask us to make them (cost is higher, takes a bit longer).

    Happy to help with either solution-- just let me know!

  • Rob Klingberg Duh - totally forgot about the DIY section.  That'd be perfect!  Found two immediate need, and I'm geeky enough to even have a soldering iron and the other tidbits to make 'em up.  Even probably the smaller gauge wire.

    (Want to have a single run up the back of the Status of Liberty to light her torch, and then give the IR controller a run for its money - cascade the castle and ferris wheel off an on/off channel... fun!)

    This be the fun "peril" of thar 8-foot table (spoken in a pirate voice, of course).  馃槈

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  • Late update, but here we are.  The DIY was the way to go.  Using some surplus alarm wire (22 gauge I think), I've made both an extension for Lady Liberty, as well as running a supplemental lead around the 4x8 town. 

    The wire and some wire splices from Amazon made for easy work putting it all together - and no more dim bulbs in town.  :D

  • Paul George The wire splices are a great find-- thanks for sharing!

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