UCS Falcon wire disconnected

Would it be hard to re-solder this wire to the strip or do I have ask for a replacement?

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  • It worked. Soldered together well. My solder job wasn't nearly as neat as you guys though.

  • I can't get the motorized ramp to work. Trying to calibrate it and the motor won't go the full distance.

  • I got it to work. The problem was that the mechanism got jammed. The trick for me was to realize you aren't supposed to perfectly align the mechanism and make it flush. You need to kinda give it a quarter bushing space on each side of the axel. I put one bushing and one half bushing between the white technic beams to help me get the spacing right. You can't see it in this picture, but I also put a half bushing on either side of the blue technic beams to prevent the axel from sliding around, in turn sliding the white technic beams around, and jamming the mechanism 

  • One of my docking by lights doesn't work. I tested it on a port that had a working light to make sure it wasn't the port. I also tested it outside the docking bay assembly to make sure it wasn't a pinched wire. It doesn't appear to me that any wires have been disconnected from it either, but maybe that happened inside the brick.

  • Tanner Saadi Thank you for sharing this tip!

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