Two troubles with the Falcon Light and sound


I bought the complete kit for the millennium falcon with the lights for the bottom guns and the motorization of the boarding ramp.

Everything works fine including custom sounds except for two issues than i can't fix alone:

A/ Lower Cannon: Here is how I understood the user manual and therefore the actions I took to configure the cannons:

 While the system is off, I press the "C" button and while holding the C button, I press the "A" button for a long time to turn on the system.

Unfortunately the system does not start unless I release the "C" button. And so I am unable to configure the cannons to make both work properly.

I have no functioning on the lower canon and I cannot enter the canons configuration mode.


B/ Motorization of the boarding ramp: When I hold the button in the center of the "TRUNK08" controller and turn on the system, while holding the controller button down for more than 4 seconds, All the actions on the sound adjustment dial have no impact on the opening of the boarding ramp.

So I can't configure the motor to learn where the full open and full close is.

Despite the impossibility to configure the motor, if I do a long press on the "D" button the motor opens the ramp on 1/4 inch. A new long press causes an attempt to close the ramp but without going as far as total closure.


I have a "TRUNK08" controller whose sound dial is blue.

I rechecked all the wiring in the system to make sure I had followed the instructions correctly and everything looks fine to me.


Can you help me please.

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  • Hello, thank you for your message.  Sorry for the trouble with your kit.  Hopefully I can help:

    A/Lower Cannon: For this, you should make sure the main power ("A" button) is "on" before turning off the kit-- so if all of the other lights for your kit are on, then turn off the power, press and hold the "C" button, and then proceed with the laser cannon setting steps as shown in the manual.  You do not need to also press "A" again during this process.  Pressing and holding "C" while turning the power on should enter the cannons configuration mode.


    B/Motorization of the boarding ramp: When setting the ramp open/close, you just need to turn on power while holding the white button on the TRUNK08, then hold for 2 seconds, then release.  This should bring you to the mode where turning the dial should set the ramp start/end as explained in the directions.  There is no need to use any of the buttons on the remote control during this process.

    Please let me know if this helps.  Thank you!

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