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Hello all, new to lego lighting, and I know there is no set yet but is there one in the works by any chance?  I've seen competitors' stuff and they are okay but your sets appear to be far superior.  Any idea on the timing of a set if it is in the works?!  Thanks and glad to be here.

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  • Thanks Shaun for the post and for asking the question!  Yes, we have had our eyes on this one.  For us the question is: can we create something unique that would let us stand out in the market compared to the other sets that are already available as you say?  We don't have the Titanic set and don't have it in the budget for 2022, so if we did do something, we'd need to be confident that we were making something truly unique.

    When you look at the other kits out there, and looking at your own model, what do you think we could create that would be unique and valuable to a large number of customers?  Definitely open to suggestions here, so let us know what you think and what you'd like to see in a Brickstuff light (and maybe sound?) kit for the Titanic!

  • Rob Klingberg has there been any thought to do a lighting/sound kit that actually tells the story of the titanic.  

    Through the lighting/sound over, say, a X minutes loop have the lights come on as night sets in, then the lights flicker out from bow to stern representing the sinking of the ship with appropriate sound effects to accompany it, (i.e. the band played).  The lights could also be controlled remotely to put them all, are parts on/off, rather than just the loop.

    There could be the lighting to represent the signaling/flares to the other ships.  Blue LED light under the length of the ship that light up over time to represent the water as it sinks.  The lookout sighting the iceberg. The boilers could flicker and go out, etc, etc. 

  • That would be awesome, I am still putting it together (can only do a little bit each night with how life is busy right now) so taking some notes on ideas for the kit.  My original thoughts on a good kit won't work as I put it together!

    I am thinking something along the lines of the below.

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  • David Peart That's a fantastic idea, and we could do lights timed to specific sequences as we do with our kit for the Millennium Falcon and its engines, but the issue with what you've outlined would be that we'd need to commission our own voice actors and essentially create an entire audio program from scratch to tell that story.  That's not our area of expertise, and I fear it would be prohibitively expensive.  If there's some royalty-free narration of the Titanic story somewhere online, let us know!  Again, a great suggestion.

  • Shaun Looks great!  As you continue making notes, make sure to look at existing light kits from other companies and focus on what we could do better/differently.  Several companies already have kits out that cover the basics of lighting, so we'd be looking for something that took things to a new level.  One thing I can definitely say we *won't* be doing, however, is making a kit with flames coming out the smokestacks like this kit. 😝

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