Need Lighting and Wiring help before placing order

Howdy all! Not sure which forum to use, as this is about My Creations, but it's not yet lit with Brickstuff products.

I'm trying to put my order together, but I'm not sure I've got the right items together to do this. I've emailed support but expect they're busy. I'm hoping someone here can help me figure it out.

I have a build I previously used LifeLites on and they're starting to age/fade out. I'm hoping for a full LED revamp using BrickStuff. They saved my butt at BrickCon and I'm looking for another win. :)

I've got a Christmas-themed build that's an advent calendar of Santa's workshop. Each room has ceiling lights to give general illumination while several rooms have additional lights for details.

I'm planning to use the warm white light strips to replace the ceiling lights; I'll use two strips in each room (chained together) for nice bright lighting and to reduce shadows. This should leave 1 wire out the back to light just the ceiling and I can light 2 rooms with each pack of lights. Two rooms will use cool white lights for the effect I'm going for.

Several other rooms, however, will have between 2 to 8 wires for other lights in each room. I'm trying to figure out connection wires and boards to maximize connections and minimize cost. Also, some of the featured lights (like the beacons) use large wires vs. small wires.

I've included some photos of the old/current lighting and a diagram of the hopeful/future lighting setup. There's some 84 wires that'll be sticking out the backside that need to be connected to (presumably) two power supplies.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Thank you Brad Bergman for the question.  Wow, that advent calendar is amazing!  Thank you for considering us for your project.

    Since you have so much going on in terms of plug sizes (small/large) and just the large quantity of wires in general, I'm wondering if one of our newest products might be a better fit than the light strips.  I'll reply to your e-mail through our support system with more details, and you can let me know what you think of this idea!  The main advantage being that it will get you to a point where you can use all small plugs in your setup-- I think this will make things simpler and also make it easier for you to create a "power bus" along the backside that will keep everything running brightly.

    Look for that e-mail reply in the next day or so!

  • Sounds great! I look forward to your reply!


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