BTS look at lighting the Lincoln Memorial

#1 - Using two different types of lights from Brickstuff, pico lights on a panel (left) and a raw pico light on a wire (right). The panel lights face downward and are placed in the holes of a technic plate. They are held in place by the round plates at the front and the 1xwhatever plate in the back. The holes in the technic plate are offset enough to allow the lights to illuminate the outside wall.

The raw pico light is upward facing and placed under a 1x2 trans-black tile. These are placed next to a backward facing 1x2 panel that form the top of the Memorial.

#2 Looking down at the raw pico light under the 1x2 trans-black tile.

#3 From the front, showing how the panel pico lights in the offset holes of the technic plate illuminate the outside wall.

#4 Top down view of the wired Memorial. In order to fit all the wires inside the build, the side walls of the interior were moved, giving additional space to run wires to the crawlspace beneath the Memorial.

#5 Top down view of Memorial with lights on. Shows the difference between the warm white lights used to illuminate the outer walls and top of the Memorial versus the single cool white light used in the interior. In order to get the light on the Lincoln statue to look correct (no wierd shadows) it had to be extended over the interior by using a lever.

#6 The exterior of the Memorial from below showing the panel pico lights.

#7 The exterior of the Memorial from above showing the raw pico lights under the trans-black plates.

And yes...if you count the wires in images #4 and #5 you will see there are 42 lights in this build.


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