My first adult Lego MOC (sort of)

This doesn't compare to wrtyler's US capitol project, but I wanted to share my first sort-of-MOC. After getting hooked on lighting Lego, I wanted something to keep me occupied for a while, but didn't have much "earnest money." I was browsing the Lego website and discovered that they had made some pizza-themed sets, that were now retired. I used to manage a pizza store, and owning one would have been my career if things had gone differently, so I picked up the City Pizza Van 60150, and the Heartlake Pizzaria 41311, which is a Lego Friends-themed set. Being a 51 year-old male, Friends holds no appeal, and the colors on the thing were all wrong anyway: a tan building with orange and purple accents? I'm colorblind, (really, I am,) and I know that's an ugly combination. So I tore it down and rebuilt it. I would make my store white stucco with Italian flag colored accents, so that's how I made my Lego set. I kept the logo and brand name, and rebranded the pizza van, (THAT took 3 extra sticker sheets from 3 different countries,) but of course it had to be repainted white with the right accents. Then I remodelled the kitchen: it had been a two-table, sit-down restaurant with a brick oven and a one-pie prep area. I would run a delivery and carryout restaurant, and we ran 100-pie hours during the evening rush all the time, so I needed a gas-fired oven and a cut table with a full makeline, and phone stations up front. Which is the MOC part, Lego never made a gas-fired pizza oven, (they really aren't good for anything else besides cookies. Pizza ovens are highly specialized pieces of equipment,) and the makeline had to be stocked with cheese, pepperoni, and green peppers! I really loved lighting the van, it has 13 lights in it, and a Brickstuff single function lighting controller to make the hazard lights all flash together. The blue and orange lights in the oven, (it's gas-fired, remember,) are controlled by a Brickstuff flicker board, and the power cabling and the rotating light on the dump truck are from Brickstuff as well. It was a lot of fun building, but rebuilding instead, because I got just a few parts at a time, from all around the USA and quite a few from around the world as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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