Lighting Up Jerac's Razor Crest

Hi, I finally submitted the last of the BrickLink orders needed to finish Jerac's Razor Crest:

I'm planning to light it up and would like to have the wire run down the display stand out of sight so I can plug it in when on display.

I've never used Brickstuff products before, but have a bit of experience with other lights and can solder if needed.

I came up with a planned layout for the Razor Crest since there is no existing kit.  What would you recommend I buy to achieve this?  Some of the wires may be hard to hide (and I would probably prefer them to be black/grey instead of black/red, but not a huge deal).

Check out the attached plan and let me know how feasible this sounds.


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  • Hi, thanks for your note and for the great illustration.  Looking at the pictures, I think there is a lot we could do for you here-- taking things to the next level pretty simply.

    • For the two front red lights in the lower center, can you send a close-up of how those are built?  Need to see what kind of light we can fit in there.
    • For the two front guns, it seems that this part is being used:  Is that correct?  If so, it would be very easy to fit an LED in there for you.
    • For the engines in back, is it just transparent orange plates fitted into this part:
    • For the cockpit, since it uses the same panel as the ones in the Millennium Falcon, I'd recommend using the same part we use in our Falcon kit with tiny holes and randomly-flashing lights inside the panel (check out the video in the Cockpit section of this site:
    • Overall, we could make things remote controlled and maybe even have sound for the lasers and engines.
    • Having one wire come out the bottom for power would be no problem.

    What do you think?  Making something custom would probably take 3-4 months, as we're slammed right now making new kits, but if you're interested, send us an e-mail through our website and we can talk more.

    Thank you again!

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    Resurrecting this topic.  I'm currently building Jerac's Razor Crest myself.  I figure there will be very limited space for any type of implementation akin to the UCS Falcon.  I'm curious what you all were able to do.

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