Full Arduino Shield!

Over the years, we've had growing interest from Arduino users to control our LEDs and other products using an Arduino Uno.  We're happy to announce that we will soon be releasing a full shield with plenty of built-in features:

  • Six PWM outputs with onboard FETs to drive large numbers of LEDs
  • Two NeoPixel outputs for controlling Adafruit NeoPixel LEDs (and also our forthcoming line of BrickPixel products)
  • 4-channel RF remote control input
  • Two analog sensor inputs
  • I2C output
  • Automatic power switching between Arduino (USB, etc.) power and Brickstuff power, so you can use our power supplies to power both your Arduino and its connected lights if desired.

We're currently assembling and testing the first beta version of this shield.  Stay tuned for more information-- we hope to have the shield up for sale in our webstore this summer.

Here's a peek at a rendering of the beta 1 version of the shield:

Stay tuned to this thread for more details.

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  • Very excited!

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  • This is exactly what I was coming to the forums to ask about.. I was about to put in the preorder for the Bugatti light kit finally, but I'd like to be able to use the lights with some automation (flash the headlights if someone is at the front door, etc).  I was figuring on a Pi or Arduino for that.  Can this be plugged into the Bugatti controller board?  or would this replace it?  Thanks for reading my mind on this!

  • Jeremy H Glad you're interested in this shield!  RE: the Bugatti controller, the current design has the headlights pre-wired to a secondary controller board.  You can't get at the lights individually, unfortunately.  But we are considering a revised design that would use a control board that provided more direct access to each of the 8 headlights and 8 turn signal lights through the standard 3-wire NeoPixel protocol.  If we got that to work, you'd definitely be able to "roll your own" and use the shield.

  • Is there a more definitive ETA on this product or a pre-order list?

  • Jeremiah Shue Just got the final prototype in the shop this week.  Need to assemble it, then if all looks good, we will order the first production batch.  Assuming all goes well, we should have them ready to sell by the end of June.

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