What lights do I use for 4970?

What lights should I use for this? I want all of them to show up like break lights but two, which would be spotlights.

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  • Hi William, thanks for joining the forum and for asking your question.  Looking at the instructions for 4970, there are a number of options for lighting this model.  When you say break lights, what do you mean?  You can add steady-on lights or flashing lights, or you could add a Lighting Effect Controller and have different types of effects.

    If you wanted everything to be self-contained inside the Crusher, you could start with our Headlight kit-- this would give you a coin cell battery pack (which should fit in the back or underneath the vehicle, plus two headlights.  You could purchase an additional two flashing Pico LEDs or another two steady-on Pico LEDs to get up to four lights in this vehicle.  If you wanted to use more than four LEDs, you could look at our Lighting Effect Starter kit which includes 6 LEDs, a Lighting Effect Controller, and a 3AA battery pack.  This is currently out of stock but we should have them back in the next 3 weeks. The Headlight kit and flashing Pico LEDs are in stock.

    We hope this helps give you some ideas to light your set.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions or if we can provide more info.

    Thanks again!


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  • Thanks for the information. By brake  lights, I meant lights that would show up behind a 1 by 1 when on, but soft enough to not act like something meant to light up a room. Also, what is the maximum amount of lights/ light types that can be powered by one battery?

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  • Thanks for the clarification.  For the coin cell battery pack (in the headlight kit), there is a maximum of 4 LEDs.  For the 3AA battery pack (in our starter kits), you can power over 100 LEDs. The dimensions for the 3AA pack are: 6x9x3 LEGO® studs (LxWxH), or 2.75x1.875x0.75 inches.  Not sure if there's enough room in the vehicle for the 3AA pack.

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