Lighting the Palace Cinema Marquee

One of the lighting tricks I've been asked about is how did I light my Marquee.  After a show in the early spring I unpacked the PC and the Marquee was in pieces.  This was a good opportunity to rebuild it and take pictures along the way.

Extra parts that I needed are:

2 1x1 Round plates, any color.

1x2 Plate, any color.

1x6 Plate, any color.

4x8 Plate, Medium Blue, to match the bottom of the Marquee.

2 10-Light Twinkling LED Light Strings

Pictures of each step can be found on my brickshelf.  What you wind up doing is putting each light inside the trans-yellow round plate at the bottom of the Marquee and sandwiching the wires between the bottom of the Marquee and the false bottom you build below it.  This plate sandwich holds the lights in place and since the wires are quite stiff, it seems to hold it's shape.

I still don't have a good idea yet on how to light the top part of the Marquee.

- JimP

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  • I know, it's an old topic, but in case someone needs an idea: I took a different approach, with a small Arduino board (fits in the marquee base, including the resistor board), and 0402 SMD LEDs, wired up with 0.1mm enamel wire.

    The result is this:

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  • Kaj great job!  Very nice work.  We're going to be releasing our own pre-wired marquee later this month, with 16 lights in the top section and 20 in the bottom.  We've done that enamel wire work, and it's not for the faint of heart! :-)

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  • Kaj Here's a bit more detail on the "guts" of the kit we're developing.  Totally plug and play:

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  • Rob Klingberg This marquee looks great! Any update on progress?

  • Donald Whelan Yes yes yes!  All parts are complete.  I just need to write the instructions and then we will have these up on the website.  We're also going to be releasing another surprise kit for Palace Cinema fans-- it's not a light kit, that's all I'll say now, but it's going to be amazing.  Look for that to launch soon as well!

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  • Rob Klingberg  Hello! Just wondering if the marquee light set will still be released? Hoping I didn't miss out on it and the surprise kit that you mentioned.

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  • Adeline Hi, nope, you definitely didn't miss out-- we have these ready and just need to get 'em packaged!

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  • Rob Klingberg Thank you for replying! I'm so glad to hear that I didn't miss out. How will you be announcing when the kit will be available? On the website or on social media? I want to make sure to get the notification :)  Thanks! 

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  • Adeline We'll be updating the homepage of our website with the news, and also likely posting to Facebook and Twitter.  Gotta spread the news! 😄

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  • Hi, I was wondering when they will be released as I would like to order the Marquee Lighting Effect Controller

     Kind regards,

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