PicoLED power draw

Good morning all,

Does anyone known what the typical power draw is for 1 PicoLED? I am getting ready to power up my Lego creation using PFx Brick. They have limit of 100mA per channel and I am trying to figure out how many leds I can put per channel safely.



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  • Rob Klingberg thought I might tag you in this post as you may be the best person to ask about current draw. I was going to operate under thr assumption  that each LED is rated ar 20 mA draw, does that sound about right?


  • Scott Beasley Hi Scott, each Pico should pull 10-15mA.

  • Rob Klingberg thanks for the quick reply. The above helps a lot, the slowly lower draw makes things less complicated for me. I am looking forward to posting my creation once I have it complete Cheers.

  • Scott Beasley Wonderful, can't wait to see it!

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