Connector model numbers

In the interests of creating compatible cables at custom lengths to expand on these products - I was wondering if anyone knew/could tell me what the model numbers were for the Brickstuff connectors (& possibly/especially the other ones like lighttailings, etc)

From one of the brickstuff products, they mention: "NOTE: these adapters have standard Brickstuff connecting plugs, which are larger than plugs used by other systems such as Light My Bricks, Briksmax, Game of Bricks, Lightailing, LeLightGo, and others.  This product can work with those systems by using one of our BRANCH03 adapters to convert the large plug to a small plug connection."

So perhaps someone knows what all these connectors are? So making custom cable lengths, expansions, interop, etc, more feasible?

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  • Rob Klingberg can correct me on this, but I believe they are JST LF or SN connectors.

  • Sorry for the delay in responding.  We're about to release a full line of adapters that will allow customers to connect "any brand" to "any brand," so I think that need will be addressed.  Plus, most of these connectors don't allow wire-to-wire mounting, so in many cases PCBs are required.

    In terms of the connectors we use, they are either JST-SH (large) or JST-SUR (small).  If you're looking to make your own cables, be sure to check out our bulk wire spools-- we have the wire custom made for us, so this may also be difficult to find in the correct gauge.

    Hope this helps!

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