Lego Mos Eisley Cantina set (#75290)


Any plans to release a light set for the new Lego Mos Eisley Cantina set? 

Many thanks 

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  • Hi, thanks for the question!  We've asked a colleague who is getting the set to have a look and let us know what can be lit.  This looks like a great opportunity for really dim lighting, exactly the kind of lights we specialize in.  Did you get the set?  Let us know what you'd like to see in a light kit!

  • Hi Rob. 


    Yes I ordered it yesterday. 

    I already have the ultimate collectors Millennium Falcon kitted out with one of your light sets (pic attached). Safe to say having a dimly illuminated Mos Eisley Cantina next to it would be amazing, a match made in heaven some might say. 


    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Can't wait



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  • Steve That's a great way to display the Falcon!  Have you seen the Death Star Docking Bay MOC?  We've made a kit for that one as well.

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  • Rob Klingberg I don't think I can afford to look at more sets... 🤔

  • Steve I hear you! :-)

  • I'm also looking for a light kit for the cantina. I finished yesterday and it would look amazing with lighting !!

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  • I got the set a week ago

    planning to build it once I know if your doing a kit for it or not

    a sound kit for playing the space jazz files would be a good addition 



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  • Alan Overton I hate sounding like a teenage girl but "OMG" 😱 I didn't even think about sound. That would be amazing. 

    I wonder if Brickstuff would accept a blank cheque? 🤔

  • Hi Steve,

    I think they've had one from me 😂

    Over the past couple of years I had the Disney Castle with full options (unfortunately no sound on that one) Millennium Falcon  full option light and sound, Hogwarts Castle full option light and sound, Haunted House light and sound. Cant think of any others , but ther might have been 

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  • Pat Fiasse Alan Overton Steve Yes we are definitely thinking of ideas for this set.  And regarding sound, yes, that's going to be pretty much our standard moving forward for these types of kits-- if not included with the core kit then able to be added later.  Load your own files, play 'em back, love your setup!

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  • Hi Rob

    Thats good to hear

    Any time scale on this or is it just planning stage at the moment



  • Alan Overton I'm picking up the set from a friend who built it, hopefully this weekend, then will be looking at options!

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  • Any update on possible release of this set ?

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